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Lisa Schmeiser is the newsletters editor at InfoWorld.

Recycle your old tech gear

What to do with your old tech gear when it no longer works? Recycle it. We show you how and where to be responsible with outdated stuff.

Avoid gift card gotchas this holiday season

If your holiday shopping list includes gift cards for electronic retailers and other stores, here are some simple tips to make sure you're giving -- and receiving -- the most value.


Steve Jobs's unintentional legacy: The consumerization of IT

It may not have been intentional, but Steve Jobs entirely changed the nature of enterprise computing by bringing a consumer approach into the workplace.

Calorific Lite for iPhone

If your goal is simply to become more aware of what you choose to eat, and to nudge yourself toward defaulting to healthier eating, this iPhone app is a great, low-fuss tool.

Total Baby for iPhone

This app for tracking diaper changes, feedings, and other details about newborns is simple enough to be operated by sleep-deprived new parents. But it's thoughtful design touches that makes Total Baby a truly useful addition to your iPhone or iPod touch.

Apple’s iPad play a perfect fit for discount retailers

Apple's deal with Target and Walmart to sell iPads makes perfect sense as the company cranks up for a high-volume holiday season, Lisa Schmeiser says.

MarsEdit 3.1

MarsEdit 3.1, a desktop application, simplifies the workload for any blogger, but it's best for people who are busy with more than one blog.

Get the most for your gear-buying dollar

As part of our annual Gear Guide, we've rounded up some tips to help you get the most out of your gift-buying dollar this holiday season.

Socially conscious shopping apps

A look at several iPhone apps that promote the purchase ethical or green products.

First-aid apps for the iPhone

iPhone apps can offer a handy way to refresh a memory that's gone blank in the face of an emergency. But in our round-up of a quartet of first-aid reference tools, one app stood out among the rest.

How to recycle your Mac

When it's finally time to retire that old desktop or laptop, don't trash it: Lisa Schmeiser suggests some environmentally responsible alternatives.

Will Apple's stance on ballot measure come back to haunt it?

It’s rare for consumer-oriented companies such as Apple to take sides in political debates on controversial issues. But while there are risks to such stands, they may be outweighed by the rewards.

Analysis: How Jobs’ profile impacts Apple

Apple has more than 21,000 full-time employees, but as far as some people are concerned it’s a one-man operation. But the idea that Apple’s fortunes are tied to Steve Jobs generally does Apple more good than harm, analysts say.

Flock 1.0.3

With the ability to update blogs, track social-networking sites, and manage RSS feeds, Flock is a highly effective tool for Web surfers who want to keep tabs on their miscellaneous online networks.

iTunes subscribers could feel pinch from writers' strike

People who bought season passes for TV shows from the iTunes Store last fall are starting to face fewer episodes and truncated seasons.