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Western Digital unveils USB 3.0-equipped hard drives

On Tuesday, Western Digital introduced its highest capacity line of external portable hard drives with up to 3TB of capacity and a USB 3.0 interface.

Data Robotics wants to be the Apple of the SOHO storage world

Computerworld profiles Data Robotics, maker of the Drobo line of small office/home office storage devices that have proven to be very popular among Mac users.

SanDisk releases postage stamp-sized SSD

SanDisk today announced what it is calling a new category in solid state drives, an embedded SSD that uses a SATA interface and has throughput that peaks at...

Western Digital releases its fastest VelociRaptor hard drive

Western Digital announced today that it is shipping its fastest-ever VelociRaptor hard-disk drive, which uses a 6Gbit/sec. serial ATA interface and comes in 450GB and 600GB capacities.

SanDisk ships 32GB mobile memory card

SanDisk it is shipping the world's highest capacity removable memory card for smartphones, a 32GB microSD card.

A trend? Intel releases $125 'affordable' SSD

Intel became the second vendor in a week to release a solid-state disk drive that hovers around the $100 price range.

Doctors interested in Apple's iPad; 1 in 5 plan to buy one

Epocrates surveyed 350 clinicians a few days after Apple announced the iPad and found that 22 percent plan to purchase the tablet within a year.

Blu-ray 3D disc specification finalized

The Blu-ray Disc Association announced it has finalized the specification for 3D content on Blu-ray discs, meaning games, movies, and television series...

New Western Digital format squeezes 11 percent more capacity from drives

Western Digital is rolling out a new drive format that squeezes up to 11 percent more capacity from a hard disk by consolidating disk management information.

Seagate to release world's thinnest laptop drive

Seagate Technology today announced what it's calling the world's thinnest laptop and netbook hard drive, the Momentus Thin drive.

Intel to roll out new low-cost and high-end SSDs

Intel will release a $120 solid-state disk drive positioned as a server "boot drive" with only 40GB of capacity, but the drive could also be used in low-end laptops PCs and netbooks.

Swine flu national emergency should spur businesses to action

President Obama's declaration of a national swine flu emergency should send up a red flag to businesses that are still unprepared for a pandemic.

Seagate ships self-encrypting drives for enterprises

Seagate is offering its self-encrypting drive feature with its entire line of enterprise-class hard disk drives.

Blu-ray tanks in PCs

Research firm iSuppli released a report showing that Blu-ray Disc players have not seen significant growth in the PC market and will likely not be shipped in...

Mozy online backup fixes Time Machine bug

Dechosaid it has fixed the problem associated with its MozyHome and MozyPro online backup services that occurred with users of Apple's Time Machine.