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Researchers use nanotech to create 'fifth dimension' data storage

Researchers at an Australian university have used nanotechnology to store 1.6TB on a DVD-style disc.

What your hard drive will look like in five years

As solid-state disk (SSD) technology closes in on hard-disk drive (HDD) capacity and price, experts say it may not be long...

Intel ships 160GB solid state disk drives

Intel is expanding its X25-M solid-state drive line with a larger, 160GB version.

Blu-ray beats HD DVD—now what?

Now that Sony's Blu-ray Disc DVD format has beat out Toshiba's HD DVD , the question arises: Just what spoils are there? Computerworld’sLucas Mearian answers that and other questions.

64 DVDs on a disc: holographic storage to ship

InPhase Technologies has announced it will start bulk shipments of the first holographic disc drive; each platter can store 300GB of data.

Porn industry may be decider in Blu-ray, HD-DVD battle

Some industry insiders believe the pornography industry will be the deciding factor when it comes to the dominance of competing Blu-Ray or HD-DVD formats.

South Park makers turn to Apple for new storage setup

South Park Studios has made the switch to Apple's Xserve RAID storage systems.