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Can data stored on an SSD be secured?

Following a recent report that data on most SSDs is very difficult to completely erase, researchers and analysts say there are really only two methods to...

Seagate ships 3TB desktop drive, breaking 2.1TB barrier

Seagate today announced its first 3TB internal hard disk drive, the 3.5-inch Barracuda XT.

Intel unveils next gen SSDs with 6Gbps throughput

Intel on Monday announced its next line of new solid-state drives. The new Intel SSD 510 features fast SATA 6Gbps performance.

Users frustrated with Seagate's next-gen hybrid drive

Users complained that Seagate's Momentus XT hybrid drive, which combines SSD with a hard drive, has major problems with its spindown feature.

Scientists calculate total data stored to date: 295+ exabytes

Scientists at the University of California released a report showing that as of 2007, the world had stored 295 exabytes of data.

iPad to lead 400 percent surge in NAND flash use

Appleā€™s iPad is leading an almost five-fold surge in NAND flash memory use this year as consumers gobble up tablets in increasing numbers, according to a report released Friday by HIS iSuppli.

Drobo aims storage arrays at SMBs

Drobo today announced its first storage array for small- and medium-size businesses, moving upstream from its traditional consumer and small office/home...

Mozy's move could bring storm to unlimited cloud storage

Mozy's MozyHome service will now charge $5.95 a month for up to 50GB of storage capacity, and $9.99 per month for up to 125GB capacity (and as many as three computers).

Cisco adds Mozy cloud service to desktop Smart Storage box

Cisco announced that it has added a hosted backup service to its entry-level, desktop disk storage arrays.

Hitachi ships first 3TB enterprise-class SATA hard drive

Hitachi announced its highest density enterprise-class 3.5-in drive, the Ultrastar 7K3000.

A brief visual history of computers

Museum looks at 2000-year history of the computer

The Computer History Museum in Mountain View, Calif., this week opens a $19 million, 25,000-square-foot building expansion and signature exhibition titled, "Revolution: The First 2000 Years of Computing."

Samsung announces first DDR4 DRAM module

Samsung has completed development of the industry's first DDR4 DRAM module that has twice the performance of today's DDR3 DRAM.

Micron releases half-terabyte laptop SSDs

Micron Technology today announced a new line of solid-state drives (SSDs) with up to 512GB of capacity.

The evolution of hard drives