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A brief history of the hard drive

Hard disk drives sure have come a long way, baby. In the 1950s, storage hardware was measured in feet—and in tons. Today, we have flash drives, microdrives, and onboard solid-state drives that weigh almost nothing, hold gigabytes of data and cost (compared to the 1950s) very little.

Hitachi unveils 500GB, razor-thin laptop hard drive

Hitachi has announced its highest capacity 2.5-in laptop drive, which comes with up to 500GB of capacity and exceeds competitor's products in areal density by...

Toshiba announces enterprise-class SSD line

Toshiba announced its first 2.5-inch SAS SSDs for the enterprise, which sport fast sustained read rates of up to 510MBps.

Seagate releases first 1TB 2.5-in enterprise hard drive

Seagate today announced the second generation of its Constellation drive, the industry's first 2.5-in enterprise-class drive with 1TB of capacity.

Samsung unveils '3D' memory modules with 50 percent greater density

Samsung announced today that it is ready to release a new set of 8GB DIMMs that takes advantage of stacking memory chips vertically to achieve 30% fewer...

Micron unveils NAND flash storage with onboard error management

Micron will produce drives next year that combine error management techniques in the same NAND flash package, removing the overhead from host processors that...