Stupid Zombies for iPhone and iPad

This undead puzzler sets itself apart from the overwhelming amount of zombie-themed iOS games with an impressive array of stages, and some fun physics-based gameplay.

Magnetar: Space Fighter for iPhone

Magnetar: Space Fighter is an entertaining and visually-intense game that manages to have a contemporary feel.

Cover Orange for iOS

Instead of going on the offensive, Cover Orange has you act as the defender of the titular oranges as they are assaulted by a villainous cloud of acid rain.

Dead Rising Mobile for iPhone

You play as Frank West, a photojournalist and zombie killer extraordinaire who gets trapped in a shopping mall full of the undead. But the lack of story, movement issues, and overall thin gameplay make Dead Rising a rather ho-hum port of a classic console game.

We City for iPhone

Ngmoco's latest "freemium" strategy title lets users to play mayor and build their own city.

Amazing art created entirely on iPhones and iPads

The first MobileArtCon in New York City brought together talented mobile artists and app developers. Here's a closer look at some of the participant's art created on iPads and iPhones.

iPad and iPhone artists attend the Mobile Art Conference

The International Association of Mobile Digital Artists held its first Mobile Art Conference over the weekend, where developers, artists, and iPhone and iPad enthusiasts came together to discuss a burgeoning art form.