What's wrong with Apple TV

The Apple TV should be iTunes for the television, with the emphasis on managing digital content you own. Instead, MacJournals.com argues, Apple's set-top box feels more like the iTunes Store for your television -- it seems to exist just to sell you more content.

Analysis: Apple's best-ever quarter is no disappointment

Apple posted the best quarter ever Tuesday for iPod and Mac unit sales as well as record revenue and record profitability. And so its stock... plummeted? This excerpt reprinted from MWJ examines how stellar results got spun as "disappointing" ones to investors.

Opinion: On ringtones and copyrights

Wondering why iTunes 7.4 requires you to pay another 99 cents to make a ringtone of a song you already own? This excerpt from MDJ looks at copy rights, fair use, and how that comes into play with Apple's ringtone offerings.

Full analysis of the Apple product leak ruling

Because of reader feedback, we're pleased to work with MacJournals.com to present the full 20-page analysis of the appellate court decision in the Apple product leak case as a downloadable PDF.

Opinion: Apple, reporters, and judicial cowardice

The Court of Appeals for California's sixth district recently ruled against Apple in a case involving the leaking of Apple's secret product plans to the online press. Here's an in-depth, opinionated analysis of the court's ruling -- and the flawed logic behind it.

How Apple beat the Beatles

A week after a British judge ruled that Apple is not violating a 1991 agreement with the Beatles' Apple Corps by putting the company logo on the iTunes Music Store, this MDJ excerpt looks at the reasoning behind the decision.

Analysis: Inside Mac OS X 10.4.6

MacJournals.com takes an in-depth look at the latest update to Mac OS X 10.4, including new features as well as a pair of problems reported by some users.

Inside Mac OS X 10.4.2

Mac OS X 10.4.2 has been out in the wild for a few weeks now. Is this the update that will make Tiger purr? MacJournals.com, publisher of the MDJ and MWJ newsletters, digs deep into the update to tell you what to expect when you upgrade.

Analysis: Apple's incomplete legal victory

Search through the coverage of Apple’s two lawsuits involving Mac rumors sites, and you're bound to come across commentary about the First Amendment and freedom of the press.

Analysis: Timing Isn't Right for G5 PowerBook

It didn't take an Amazing Kreskin to see imminent new PowerBooks. Until last week's announcement that its PowerBooks would see a modest speed bump and other improvements, Apple hadn't updated the product line since April 2004. And nine months is pushing the outer edge of "healthy" in Apple's CPU upgrade cycle.

Will analysts stick with Apple this time?

Apple Computer’s stock price continues to set post-Power Macintosh G4 Cube records, most recently last week with a closing price of $68.44 per share on Monday, November 29. That’s the company’s sixth-highest closing price of all time; the watermark remains $72.10 per share on March 22, 2000.