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App Guide: World conquest games

These iPhone and iPad strategy games can help satisfy your thirst for global conquest without ever having to get up from the couch.

App Guide: Stock market trackers for iOS

These apps can help you keep an eye on Wall Street no matter where you happen to be.

App Guide: iOS apps for Easter

Our colleagues at Macworld UK tracked down Easter-themed apps to keep your kids distracted when they're not gobbling down little chocolate eggs.

App Guide: Angry Birds app reviews

Angry Birds Space is just the latest avian-themed physics puzzler to grace our iOS devices. Here are all the Angry Birds installments we've reviewed in one convenient place.

App Guide: Apps for the 2012 baseball season

Another baseball season is about to begin. These apps can help you enjoy every pitch from Opening Day to the final game of the World Series.

App Guide: iOS apps from news organizations

With April Fool's Day filling the air with phony stories and scams, these news sources on your iPhone or iPad can help you separate truth from fiction.

App Guide: iOS PDF tools

These apps can help you mark up, sign off, and otherwise annotate PDFs directly from your iOS device.

Macworld Insider: Enjoy our iPad Starter Guide for free

Macworld Insiders can download a free copy of our iPad Starter Guide (third edition).

App Guide: Top match-three games for iOS

The App Store is loaded with "match-three"-style games. Here are a few of our favorites.

App Guide: Geography apps for kids

These iOS education apps aimed at kids can reveal more about the world around them.

App Guide: Meal planning apps for iOS

From planning out what you're going to serve to organizing your pantry with what you've brought home from the grocery store, these iOS apps can help you figure out what's for dinner.

Seven ways to free up drive space

Maybe it's because your media collection is growing, or perhaps you've got a small-but-fast SSD drive. Whatever the reason, if you find yourself reaching the limits of your drive's capacity, these tips will help you clean house and give your data some virtual breathing room.

App Guide: Great iPad games

These iPad games were already eye-catching, but updates have optimized them for Apple's latest iPad.


This is Tim: Cook and Oppenheimer on dividend and buyback

A transcript of Tim Cook and Peter Oppenheimer's remarks from the March 19 conference call regarding the dividend and stock buyback.

Introducing Macworld's iPad Starter Guide (Third Edition)

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