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Third-generation iPad: What you need to know

With Apple's Wednesday introduction of the iPad, many of the questions people and pundits have spent the past few month obsessing over have been answered. But not all. Here are the details we’ve been able to dig up about Apple's newest tablet.


Tim Cook outlines vision of post-PC world

In introducing the iPad on Wednesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook explained the strategy driving some of his company's mobile moves. Here's an excerpt of those remarks.

Apple TV (third generation): What you need to know

The third-generation Apple TV, unveiled Wednesday, shows Apple is taking its hobby just a little bit more seriously, thanks to improved video support and an overhauled interface. But there are still plenty of questions about the latest edition. Here’s what we know so far.

App Guide: iPad blockbusters

With an iPad update rumored to be in the works, we look at some of the apps that are dominating the top-grossing charts on the App Store.

App Guide: Guitar apps for iPhone and iPad

Your iOS device becomes a six-string instrument with the help of these iPhone and iPad apps.

App Guide: iOS games with online multiplayer features

Enjoying that iOS game? Let your friends join in on the fun with Game Center-enable games that support online multiplayer features.

App Guide: Social network aggregators for iOS

Manage all your social networks from one place with the help of any of these iOS apps.

Apple sets media event for 10 a.m. PT March 7

Apple invited members of the media to a special event on March 7 at 10 a.m. Pacific.

App Guide: iPad note-takers

With any of these apps installed on your iPad, you can jot down notes as easily as you would with a pen and paper.

App Guide: Unique iOS card games

Tired of the same old card games? These iPhone and iPad offerings shuffle things up.

App Guide: Essential iOS utilities

If you're a new iPhone or iPad owner, we recommend these utilities for expanding the capabilities of your iOS device.

App Guide: Presidential election apps

We celebrate Presidents Day by considering the November presidential elections and the iOS apps that exist to keep you informed about the campaign.

App Guide: Road trip apps for iOS

If your three-day weekend includes a lot of time in the car, these apps can help you plan a route, prepare for traffic, and figure out where to stop along the way.

Mountain Lion's new features

The latest version of OS X is looking at lot more like iOS.

Apple readies Mac OS X Mountain Lion update for summer release

On Thursday, Apple announced Mountain Lion -- its next version of Mac OS X. Like Lion, this update will incorporate many features from Apple's iOS mobile operating system. Look for Lion to arrive in the summer.