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This is Tim: Cook on Apple's fourth-quarter earnings, the iPad mini, and more

A transcript of Tim Cook's answers to questions on the iPad mini, iPhone, Apple TV, and more.

The new iPads: What you need to know

Now that we've had some time to go over Apple's press releases, spec sheets, and our own notes from the Apple press event, here's what we know about the new iPad mini and the fourth-generation iPad.

A year after Steve Jobs's death: As we should have expected, it's the same Apple

Steve Jobs died one year ago. Apple after Jobs is an awful lot like Apple with him at the helm. That's his legacy.

The five key decisions Apple must make

A year after the transition from founder Steve Jobs to successor Tim Cook, Apple is still thriving. But it can't coast. Here are the five questions the company must answer as it faces the years to come.

Introducing Macworld's iPhone 5 Starter Guide

Whether you scored an iPhone 5 on launch day or are eagerly awaiting its arrival from your local postman, you can learn about your new device with Macworld's iPhone 5 Starter Guide -- now available.

Introducing Macworld's iOS 6 Upgrade Guide

iOS 6 has hit the stage. Let the editors at Macworld help you upgrade your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad with this step-by-step guide, available for $3.99.

8 things that (still) bug us in iOS 6

Sure, iOS 6 is a nice upgrade. But it didn't fix a bunch of things that irritated us in earlier versions of the mobile OS. Here's our bug list.

Hands on with the iPhone 5

Now that we've had a few hours to play with our iPhone 5s, we've got a few preliminary impressions.

The iPhone 5: What you need to know

There's a new iPhone coming to an Apple Store near you. What's different about the iPhone 5? What are its marquee features? And most important: When can you get one? We answer all those questions and more in this guide to the latest smartphone out of Cupertino.

App Guide: Assorted iOS apps from Apple

As Apple prepares for its Sept. 12 press event, it's worth keeping an eye out to see if any of these mobile offerings out of Cupertino are slated for an update.

Apple confirms iCloud mail outage for some users

An update on Apple's iCloud system status page says that 1.1 percent of subscribers are unable to access their iCloud mail on Tuesday.

App Guide: iOS apps for the NFL season

The 2012 NFL season is underway, and these apps can keep you posted on all of the action happening at stadia from Seattle to Foxboro.

App Guide: Obstacle course games for iOS

These iOS games -- like life -- throw up a lot of obstacles in your path. But getting around those obstacles is a lot more fun on your iPhone or iPad.

What could be on tap at Apple's Sept. 12 press event

As the technology world at large now knows, Apple will host a special media event on September 12 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. The next version of the iPhone is likely to be the star of the show, but Macworld's staff ruminates on what other surprises the event might bring.

App Guide: iPad business and productivity apps for Labor Day

Here are some business and productivity apps that will help you get more done with your iPad this Labor Day.