iPhone to drive mobile game adoption

Apple will drive the game market with the iPhone, according to a survey of 8,000 gamers in North America, Europe and Australia.

Apple tells developers MobileMe still has issues

Macworld UK reports that Apple has told developers that its collection of Web-based services is still having performance issues.

BBC iPlayer plans global reach, multi-platform coverage

The BBC has announced plans to offer iPlayer both on a global basis and on as many platforms as possible, with the Mac-compatible version still on tap for the end of the year.

Macworld UK: Details of U.K. iPhone launch

Macworld UK's Mark Hattersley reports on Friday's launch of the iPhone in the U.K.

Macworld UK: iPhone queues form across Europe

Macworld UK reports on the lines forming in Germany, London, and Glasgow for Friday's iPhone launch in Germany and the U.K.

Macworld UK: Recapping Apple Expo

Macworld UK's Karen Haslam looks back at the product news coming out of last week's Apple Expo in Paris.

iPhone in the UK: Apple, O2 take on iPhone questions

After announcing a November 9 release date for the iPhone in the U.K., Apple CEO Steve Jobs and O2 CEO Matthew Key fielded questions about the pricing and features of the mobile device.

Opinion: Thoughts on the iPhone's UK arrival

Macworld UK editors Mark Hattersley and Karen Haslam share their impressions after Tuesday's iPhone announcement in London.

Macworld UK: Apple's European iPhone plans emerge

O2 is expected to provide the iPhone's network in the U.K., while Deutsche Telekom has secured the rights to sell the phone across five European countries, according to overseas media reports.

Apple legal settles GUI patent claims

Apple has settled a patent dispute with IP Innovation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Acacia Technologies Group.

Script Debugger 4.0

Late Night Software seems to have taken every opportunity to condense and simplify Script Debugger’s interface, while providing easier access to powerful tools and better debugging information. If you’re serious about scripting, buy it.

Last chance for EU customers to buy some Apple products

Apple will stop selling AirPort Base Stations, eMacs and iSight cameras in European Union countries in order to comply with new environmental regulations that go into effect in July.

Game poll reveals Mac users' gaming habits

A game poll conducted by Macworld UK revealed some interesting trends in Mac users' gaming habits -- or lack thereof.

New York Apple Store lovers tell proposal story

Apple's time-lapse video of the first 24 hours of its Fifth Avenue store location opening revealed a man who proposed to his fiancee on camera. Here's their story.

Apple patent reveals sporting times ahead

A new Apple patent describes a way for the iPod to choose songs based on tempo to help motivate people when they exercise.