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Marco Tabini is based in Toronto, Canada, where he focuses on software development for mobile devices and for the Web.

The Apple stock suit: What it all means

One of Apple's larger shareholders is suing the company. Why is that happening and what does it mean to you? Marco Tabini explains.

The Week in iPad Cases: Playing for keeps

In this week's edition of our weekly roundup of new iPad cases, we have something for all tastes, from the finest leather to the most-rugged road equipment.

The Week in iPhone Cases: The big score

A new week brings a new edition of our iPhone case roundup, where we bring you the latest in protective accessories for your handset.

The Week in iPad Cases: Pins and stripes

This week's selection of iPad cases truly has a little for everyone. Whether you're out in the snow, running across the jungle, or just lounging at home on your favourite chair, we've got something for you to protect your tablet of choice.

The Week in iPhone Cases: Power to the people

This week's iPhone-case roundup brings you a little love, a little adventure, and... a little military compliance.

Review: PassLocker helps iOS remember your passwords

Password management is anything but simple; Innovationbox's attempt to bring order to chaos is not entirely successful, but offers a good entry point for those on a budget.

Three wishes for a better App Store

The App Store has been phenomenal for Apple, but some of its features feel out of step with its growth and popularity. Here are three areas in which it could use some help.

Review: PassLocker is a simple but flawed password manager for OS X

If you're being overrun by passwords but dread the thought of spending much of your hard-earned money on a password manager, Passlocker is a simple alternative that, despite its flaws, can help you make sense of a growing credential-storage problem.

128GB iPad now available from Apple's online store

As previously promised, Apple has started selling a 128GB version of its popular tablet, which you can now order from the company's online store.

URL detection flaw causes OS X apps to crash

A recently-discovered bug could cause almost any OS X app to crash, but it's nothing to panic about.

Review: PulpMotion 3.5 sports an easy UI for making slideshows

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a slideshow is a great way to put pictures together to create a story. Aquafadas's PulpMotion aims to make this process simple, quick, and elegant.

Make the most of Macworld/iWorld with the official iOS app

Planning on attending Macworld/iWorld in San Francisco? There's an app for that.

The Week in iPhone Cases: Romance in the air

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and nothing says "I love you" like a gift that keeps an iPhone safe while sporting some Valentine's Day flair.

Mac Gems: KidsMotion lets kids create fun, animated presentations

Paper, paste, and scissors are still fun, but KidsMotion lets your little ones build animated slideshows with minimal effort and parental frustration.

The Week in iPad Cases: Electric sheep

It's time for our weekly roundup of protective accessories for the iPad. As usual, we have a mix of great cases waiting for your viewing pleasure.