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Marco Tabini is based in Toronto, Canada, where he focuses on software development for mobile devices and for the Web.

Review: PaintCode excels at transforming vector images into code

Pixel perfection is the objective of every app developer, but it is not always possible, or even desirable. PaintCode allows you to bring vector images right into your code, and provides a number of interesting features that could change the way you program.

The Week in iPhone Cases: Rugged life

Good weather is on its way, and with it iPhone cases designed with active lifestyles in mind.

Review: Year Walk is a scary good adventure for iOS

Monsters, ghosts, murder, and a snow-covered forest are but some of the elements of this beautiful—and challenging—title for your iPad and iPhone.

The Week in iPad Cases: From A to Z

There a little for everyone in this week's iPad case roundup, from the simple to the functional, from the sturdy to the fashionable.

The Week in iPhone Cases: Shining, shimmering, splendid

Tough is the name of the game in this week's edition of our iPhone case roundup, but never at the expense of a splash of fashion.

T-Mobile sweetens iPhone 5 deal with discounts for trade-ins

Only days from the introduction of the Apple's flagship mobile device on its network, the company has announced up to $220 in incentives to lure customers from rivals AT&T and Verizon.

The sync conundrum: Rethinking Apple's cloud services

Despite the fact that over a quarter billion people rely on it for their email, calendars, and notes, iCloud's lesser-known data sync capabilities have turned out to be a mixed bag for developers. Here are a few ways in which Apple could improve them for the future.

Review: LastPass takes your passwords to the cloud

If you've always wanted to try a password manager but cost and complexity have held you back, LastPass offers a great solution that is easy to use and comes with a wonderfully attractive price tag.

Inside Siri's brain: The challenges of extending Apple's virtual assistant

Siri is one of the biggest features to hit iOS in recent years, and yet it remains severely limited in its capabilities. Alas, Apple--and third-party developers--must overcome many obstacles before voice interaction becomes a pervasive part of the mobile experience.

The Week in iPad Cases: The little ones have all the fun

Watching children play with your iPad can be a great experience...until they drop it. Which is why you might want to check out one of the cases we bring you in this week’s roundup. And if children are not your worry, we've got cases for grownups, too.

The Week in iPhone Cases: Splash

In this week's iPhone-case roundup, you'll find plenty of cases designed for the rigours of summer activities. But even if you're still in a wintry mood, there are some great protective accessories for you, too.

The Week in iPhone Cases: Sheer

In this edition of our weekly iPhone-case roundup, we bring you a few cases you can barely see, some that are barely there, and a couple designs that look like they came straight out of a Hollywood superhero movie.

Review: Kaleidoscope 2 brings state-of-the-art file comparison to OS X

Aimed squarely at a technical crowd of developers and designers, Black Pixel's file-comparison app comes with great features and easy integration into existing workflows.

The Week in iPad Cases: A case for every season

In this week's iPad case roundup, there is a little leather luxury, a little sports toughness, and some extra power for all tastes.

The Week in iPhone Cases: Stay frosty

In this week's iPhone-case roundup, we bring you a wallet that sticks to your phone, and we blow a gasket over a great automotive-inspired case.