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The Week in iPad Cases: Almost-winter blues

This week's iPad case roundup features a great selection of everything you need to keep your iPad safe, secure, and positively fashionable.

The Week in OS X Apps: Giving thanks

Having a hard time keeping up with all the wonderful new apps and updates that clamour for space on your Mac's hard drive? Here's a selection, just in time to keep you busy during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Curiosity for iOS is a game, but also a social experiment

Combine popping bubble wrap with a higher purpose in this new game from 22cans.

The Week in iPad Cases: All about the mini

The iPad mini takes center stage in this week's case roundup, with many new designs and a few oldies that have made a transition to the new form factor.

The Week in iPhone Cases: November edition

It's time for a new iPhone case roundup from your friends at Macworld. As always, we bring you a mix of the simple, the luxurious and the just-plain-fun.

Harman announces Lightning-compatible docks for latest-generation iOS devices

Just in time for the holidays, two new docks offer big sound and compatibility with Apple's latest dock connector technology.

The Week in iPad Cases: Sparkles

It's time for another roundup of the latest in iPad protection.

The Week in iPhone Cases: The ring

Despite all the excitement about the iPad mini, there are still many new iPhone cases making their debuts. We happily bring them to you in our weekly roundup.

The Week in iPad Cases: More iPad mini goodness

Bleary eyed from a late-night attempt at reserving your very own iPad mini? We've got some more cases for you to look at while you wait for your new tablet.

The Week in iPad Cases: Say hello to my iPad mini

There's a new sheriff in town, and its name is iPad mini. Despite our inability to come up with cool-sounding puns, we've got the goods on some great protective accessories for Apple's new, smaller tablet.

The Week in iPad Cases: Water bending

Thanks to the iPhone 5, it’s been a few weeks since we’ve taken a dip into the arena of iPad cases. But we haven't forgotten about you, iPad users. Here's the latest of our (almost) weekly iPad-case roundups.

The Week in iPhone Cases: All the leaves are brown

Fall is here, and with it the constant reminder that winter isn't far behind. What better time to look for a new case for your iPhone? We've got cases for the new iPhone 5, of course, but we've also come across some new ones for those of you still enjoying an iPhone 4 or 4S.

The Week in iPhone Cases: Return of the Woogie

A double dose of iPhone-case goodness awaits you this week. Here's our second roundup of the latest offerings.

The Week in iPhone Cases: Paper, rock, scissors

It's been a few weeks since the iPhone 5 launch, but our inboxes are still filled with iPhone-5-case announcements. Our inbox clutter is your gain, as we give you yet another case roundup.

The Week in iPhone Cases: Total recall

There's no shortage of great new cases for the iPhone 5. We've got a second roundup of the latest protective offerings this week.