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Review: Euro Truck Simulator for Mac

An interesting game that re-creates the road network of Europe and a haulage lorry, which you drive around carrying cargo from depot to depot.

Five Years Later: Reviewing the iPhone review

Five years after the iPhone's release, our colleagues at Macworld UK look back at their original review of Apple's smartphone to see how many of the predictions in the article came to pass.

Icy Dock MB982SPR-2S

Hard drive caddy enables you to RAID two 2.5in SSD drives in a single Mac Pro hard drive slot, making it ideal for SSD super speed.

iPhone 4 gyroscope games hit the App Store

The iPhone 4 included an interesting gyroscope function, and games are starting to appear on the App Store. Macworld UK takes a look at some early movers.

How to import an iPad from the USA to the UK

Mark Hattersley from Macworld UK takes a look at the economics of paying up to order an iPad from the other side of the Atlantic, now that Apple has delayed the iPad's UK launch until May.

Crucial launches 'world's fastest SSD'

Crucial continues its move into the SSD market with the new C300 SSD drive. Mark Hattersley chats with the company about its claim of "the world's fastest hard drive."

Steve Jobs dubbed Mobile Personality of the Year

Apple CEO Steve Jobs nabbed the Mobile Personality of the Year award at this year's Global Mobile Awards at the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona.

Jon Landau on the iPad and the 3D film industry

Macworld UK catches up with high-profile movie producer Jon Landau (Avatar, Titanic) to talk about the iPad and the move towards mobile digital devices and 3D in the home.

Interead intros new e-book models

New Cool-ER Compact and Connect models take e-book manufacturer forwards.

British hotel integrates Macs into your stay

Macworld UK takes a tour of the Bermondsey Hotel, where the TVs have been replaced by iMacs networked to an in-house Xserve.

Report: O2 iPhone deal to end in October in UK

O2 could lose its exclusive deal to stock Apple's iPhone in the UK on October 9 this year.

New iPhone loses its space

Just a few days after releasing its latest iPhone, Apple has quietly dropped the space that used to separate the "3G" and "S" in the product's name.

Dissecting the iPhone 3G S

We take apart an iPhone 3G S. Be the first to discover exactly what's inside that shiny casing.

BBC releases iPlayer for Mac and Linux

The BBC released a Mac-compatible version of its iPlayer application, allowing U.K. Mac users to watch and download BBC shows directly to their computers.

Review: BlackBerry Storm 9500

How does the new touchscreen BlackBerry Storm measure up to the iPhone? And will it work for Mac users? Mark and Rosemary Hattersley have the in-depth review.