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Mark Spencer is an Apple-certified Master Trainer for Final Cut Pro X and Motion. His tutorials are available at

How to correct colors in Final Cut Pro X

Why color-correct your shots? Here are common reasons, plus some tips.

How to use auditions in Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X’s audition feature makes it fast, easy, and downright fun to try out different creative options for your edit.

How to key a shot with Final Cut Pro X

By shooting a subject against a colored background and then using software to remove the color, you can place your subject in any environment you like.

How to use Photoshop images in Final Cut Pro X

Whether you create layered Photoshop files yourself or someone gives them to you for incorporating into your video, you’ll have no problem using them in Final Cut Pro X.

How to use Final Cut Pro X with your DSLR

If you shoot video with a DSLR, Final Cut Pro X makes it easy to get to the clips you want to use for your edit quickly and easily, and handles your still images as well.

How to apply special effects to your videos in Final Cut Pro X

Make your videos look visually arresting by adding special effects.

Create cool video titles in Final Cut Pro X

There are many auto-generated titles to choose from in FCP X, but you can tweak them to match any project.

Final Cut Hero

Transitioning from iMovie '11 to Final Cut Pro X

Just as an amateur photographer can move up from iPhoto to Aperture, or a musician can move from GarageBand to Logic, anyone who edits video can move from iMovie to Final Cut Pro X. Mark Spencer shows us how to get started.