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New iPhone app will put your dog on Twitter

Japan's Index Corp. plans to launch this summer an iPhone adaptation of the "Bowlingual" dog emotion translator.

Sharp, Samsung settle all outstanding LCD patent cases

Sharp and Samsung have put nearly three years of battling over LCD panel and module patents behind them with a deal that ends all patent infringement disputes.

Sony interested in challenging Apple's iPad

Sony hinted on Thursday that it's preparing a challenger to Apple's upcoming iPad.

Softbank pays $20 million for stake in Ustream

Japan's Softbank has paid $20 million for a 13.7 percent stake in Ustream and holds options to purchase further shares, it said Tuesday.

Sony to launch first TransferJet devices this week

TransferJet, a Sony-developed short-range wireless system, will be launched this weekend in Japan and from February overseas.

LG develops cell phone for US mobile DTV standard

LG Electronics has developed handheld terminals compatible with the U.S. mobile digital TV format and will show then at CES.

Toshiba develops translation system for cell phones

Toshiba has developed a cell phone translation system for English, Chinese and Japanese that could one day find its way on to the iPhone.

LG Display develops thinnest-yet LCD TV panel

LG Display has developed a prototype LCD panel for television sets that's less than a quarter the thickness of the company's current production panels.

Seagate to launch slimmer laptop hard disk at CES

Seagate is planning to launch at CES a new 2.5-inch drive that's 25 percent thinner than current models.

Sony's 3D TV plans become a little clearer

Sony hopes 3D-capable TV sets will account for up to half of all TVs it sells in 2012, an executive said in an interview.

Pioneer sues Garmin over navigation technology

Pioneer has lodged a complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission against Garmin alleging some of its products infringe on Pioneer patents.

I don't want to sell Twitter, says Biz Stone

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone said his company isn't looking to be acquired.

Microsoft loses Sidekick users' personal data

Server problems at Sidekick provider Danger have resulted in the loss of personal data for most users, Microsoft and T-Mobile said.

Hands on with Nissan's eco-driving system

If my driving and the environment were together in a room they probably wouldn't get on very well. I don't drive at steady speeds, I wait too late to brake and...

Sony develops single-lens 3D camera

Sony has developed a movie camera capable of shooting 3-D images with a single lens and plans to unveil it at next week's Ceatec show in Tokyo.