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Closing arguments begin in Apple vs Samsung patent trial

Closing arguments have begun in the high-profile patent-infringement case between Apple and Samsung.

Court preparing Apple-Samsung jury for deliberations

Jurors hearing arguments between Apple and Samsung have been warned not to accept software updates or install apps on mobile gadgets they receive while deliberating the merits of the patent-infringement case, as such updates could alter the appearance of some things under dispute in the trial. Also, the judge in the case promises to keep the blood flowing during the reading of the more than 100 pages of jury instructions.

Apple-Samsung jury to face 700-plus questions on verdict form

Imagine the longest, most complex government form you've ever had to fill out and you start to have an idea what jurors will face as they begin to consider their verdict in the patent infringement case between Apple and Samsung.

Jobs burglary suspect enters no plea, case to continue next month

The man accused of breaking into the home of late Apple CEO Steve Jobs appeared in a California court on Monday morning but did not enter a plea.

OnLive under new management, will continue service

Cloud gaming service OnLive has been acquired by a new owner. The move meant an unknown number of staff were laid off, but the company pledged to continue its operations.

How police tracked down Steve Jobs's stolen iPads

The digital breadcrumbs left behind when people use Internet-connected gadgets are what led California investigators to recover iMacs, iPads and other items stolen from the home of the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs this week.

In U.S., Apple sells an iPad for every 9 people

Just how much does Apple dominate Samsung in the U.S. tablet market? Thanks to data released as part of the lawsuit between the two companies, now we know.

Samsung could face court penalty over lawyer's oversight

Samsung could face penalties from a U.S. District Court after one of its lawyers involved in the patent battle against Apple admitted that she hadn't file the paperwork necessary to practice law in front of the court.

Apple v. Samsung: How it was explained to the jury

The 10 California jurors who will decide the rights and wrongs in the battle between Apple and Samsung were sworn in late Monday and alongside instructions on...

judge's gavel legal

Apple-Samsung patent trial to hear opening arguments on Tuesday

A highly anticipated patent infringement case between Apple and Samsung Electronics will get under way in a California courtroom on Tuesday.

judge's gavel legal

Apple, Samsung patent case jury selection begins

Lawyers for Apple and Samsung Electronics have begun choosing the people who will decide their patent infringement case.

Court filings reveal early iPhone, iPod prototypes

Documents submitted to a California court as part of the patent battle between Apple and Samsung Electronics provide a fascinating look at the iPhone and iPad designs considered by Apple before the devices went on sale.

Samsung presses court on Apple case seating, language

Apple and Samsung Electronics spent Friday afternoon in a California courtroom engaged in final arguments ahead of a highly anticipated jury trial that starts next week.

Court documents: Apple looked to Sony for iPhone design inspiration

According to documents submitted to a California court as part of the Samsung-Apple patent dispute, Apple looked in part to Sony for inspiration in designing its first iPhone, even having an internal designer produce "Sony-like" mock-ups of cell phones that carried the name of the Japanese electronics company.

California judge rejects bid for longer trial in Samsung-Apple case

A federal judge in California has rejected a request by Samsung that would have doubled the length and increased the complexity of a highly anticipated trial involving smartphone and tablet patents.