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Apple says 400 iTunes accounts hit with fraudulent purchases

Apple has banned a developer from its App Store after fraudulent purchases of his applications were made from around 400 accounts, it said in a statement.

Amazon raises the specs, cuts the price on latest Kindle DX

Amazon will launch on July 7 a new version of its Kindle DX that features a better screen and costs $110 less than the current model.

Sony says 535,000 laptops at risk of overheating

More than half a million Sony laptops sold this year contain a software bug that could lead them to overheat, the company said Wednesday.

Sony launches 3D TVs, games

Sony's plans for 3D entertainment begin coming together on Thursday as the company kicks off sales of 3D TVs and begins offering 3D games for its PlayStation 3.

Pixel Qi shows prototype touchscreen displays

Pixel Qi, a display start-up that's generating buzz for its laptop screen that works well both indoors and outdoors, showed off prototype touchpanel versions.

Protesters provide noisy welcome to Computex

About 30 demonstrators provided a noisy start to the Computex trade show in Taipei on Tuesday when they protested working conditions in the tech industry.

Apple to SIM-lock Japanese iPads

Apple appears to have reversed course in Japan on a key feature of its iPad 3G and won't offer a version capable of being used with any cellular carrier.

Fujitsu improves color e-paper screen

Fujitsu Laboratories will unveil next week a new version of its electronic paper display that's easier on the eyes, the company said Friday.

Sony to end floppy disk production

Sony will end production of floppy disks next year due to dwindling demand, it said Monday.

Sony, Panasonic cameras combine small size with SLR features

Panasonic and Sony have shown new cameras that mix compact size with interchangeable lenses.

FujiFilm's latest camera aims at dogs, cats

FujiFilm's Finepix Z700 features recognizes canine and feline faces, and can snap a picture automatically when they look towards the camera.

Sony working on a 3D camera for consumers

Sony is developing 3D cameras that will give consumers the ability to create their own 3D content, an executive said Thursday.

Sony to begin worldwide 3D TV launch in June

Sony will begin selling 3D TVs in Japan on June 10 and worldwide at about the same time, it said Tuesday.

Researchers chase 3D without the glasses

At this week's CeBIT IT fair, engineers are showing a new breed of screen that projects a 3D image towards the viewer's eyes so glasses aren't required.

Greenpeace hits Samsung for delaying toxic phase-out

Greenpeace hit out at Samsung on Wednesday for reneging on promises to remove harmful substances from its electronics products.