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FujiFilm to launch 3-D camera in October in Europe

FujiFilm will launch a digital camera capable of shooting 3D images and video in Europe in October, it said on Thursday.

Sony eyes consumer 3-D cameras as way to drive new format

Recognizing that a shortage of content could doom its 3-D push from the start, Sony is planning to launch cameras that give consumers the ability to shoot in 3-D. closes, says Twitter partly to blame

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Sony's Party-shot snaps pictures for you

Sony has developed a camera base system that will aim a camera and take pictures automatically.

Toshiba plans faster SD cards for early 2010

SD memory cards capable of reading and writing data at speeds faster than current cards should be available in early 2010, Toshiba said on Tuesday.

Nissan dials iPhone for car remote control

Nissan has developed a prototype iPhone application that allows electric car owners to dial into their vehicles and check battery levels.

US video game sales sink in June, biggest drop in 9 years

Sales of video game hardware and software were down by around a third in June compared to the same month last year, according to monthly NPD data.

Sharp to increase LCD panel production on higher demand

Sharp plans to increase production of LCD panels by tens of thousands of screens per month due to increased demand from TV makers.

Google to launch open-source Chrome OS this year

Google is developing an open-source operating system targeted at Internet-centric computers and will release it later this year, it said Wednesday.

Happy birthday! The Walkman turns 30

Sony introduced its Walkman portable cassette player thirty years ago this week, kicking off a revolution in the consumer electronics industry by changing the way people enjoy music.

Apple's iPhone 3GS goes on sale in Japan

Apple's iPhone 3GS went on sale in Japan on Friday morning.

IPhone 3GS in Japan: Less of a crowd, more of a party

Lines for the iPhone 3GS outside Softbank's flagship store in Tokyo had grown to around 100 people by 7 p.m. Thursday evening.

Little buzz ahead of iPhone 3GS Japan debut

There is little excitement ahead of the launch of the iPhone 3GS launch in Japan on Friday.

Casio's latest Exilim snaps 1,000 pictures before a recharge

Casio will launch in July the Exilim Hi-Zoom EX-H10 that can shoot 1,000 images on a single battery charge.

Microsoft to leave smartbooks to Google

Microsoft doesn't plan to offer a version of Windows for so-called "smartbooks," leaving the space open to Linux, Google's Android and other operating systems.