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Adobe predicts huge growth for its Flash player in smartphones

Apple may have no use for Flash on its mobile devices, but Adobe predicts huge growth in the number of smartphones that will have the Flash Player installed in 2011.

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Android outranks iPhone in latest ComScore data

Google's Android outranked Apple's iPhone in total smartphone subscribers in the U.S. at the end of the fourth quarter of 2010, according to market research firm ComScore.

Verizon 'data hog' throttling move irks users

Customers reacted with outrage at a Verizon Wireless warning that it will throttle back network speeds for the top 5 percent of customers consuming the most mobile network data.

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3D smartphone to be shown off at mobile trade show

LG will unveil the glasses-free LG Optimus 3D smartphone Feb. 14 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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Even with Apple involved, NFC mobile payments may be slow to catch on

Flashing a phone near a station to make payments may sound easy, but it really isn't. And it's one of the challenges Apple would face if it implements NFC mobile payment technology in a future version of the iPhone, analysts say.

AT&T CEO: Loss of iPhone will cause 'rocky' time

AT&T's Randall Stephenson, speaking to reporter during the company's earnings report, said that losing iPhone exclusivity next month makes the coming year "rocky, volatile and hard to predict."

Brainshark app gives iPad, iPhone access to presentations

A new free app from Brainshark for the iPad and iPhone allows users to easily navigate Brainshark business sales and training presentations on those devices.

Playboy on iPad renews debate over privacy, workplace rules

The arrival in March of Playboy on the iPad -- in a browser window -- could present a problem for IT managers who don't want objectionable material on personal hardware used at work.

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iPad leads way as 'media tablet' business grows

Apple's iPad tablet helped the new 'media tablet' business grow by 45 percent in the third quarter of 2010, IDC says.

Verizon's iPhone: CDMA-only, or CDMA/LTE?

Analysts say Verizon's first iPhone -- which could be announced as soon as Tuesday -- probably won't support next-generation LTE networks.

AT&T to start LTE roll out by mid-year, finish by end of 2013

AT&T is set to unveil multiple LTE devices this year and complete work on a nationwide deployment by 2013.

With CES raining tablets, some will get flooded out

With a slew of tablets expected to be on display at CES this week, market consolidation is a certainty, experts say.

Motorola to split in January amid worries and optimism

With Motorola splitting into two companies on Jan. 4, analysts believe the enterprise-focused business will thrive while the new consumer entity that makes Android smartphones will confront challenges for some time in an increasingly competitive market.


Intel's Atom chip: can it take on ARM?

Intel will make a big splash at the CES trade show Jan. 6 showing its Atom chips running inside tablet computers and netbooks. But how well it can compete for...

Analyst: Verizon needs iPhone badly

Verizon Wireless smartphone retail sales data show that Verizon needs the Apple iPhone badly, according to a research note by a financial analyst at Asymco.