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Barnes & Noble to provide e-reader app for iPad

Bookseller Barnes & Noble announced it will have an iPad version of its B&N eReader app ready on April 3.

Verizon-AT&T battle over LTE heats up

The simmering marketing battle between Verizon Wireless and AT&T over whose LTE network is first and best promises to explode in the coming months.

Rivals aim to slow mobile gains by Apple, Google

Of the three IT powerhouses that last week unveiled new mobile operating systems, Microsoft faces the most difficult task.

AT&T and Verizon race for 4G deployment

AT&T today announced equipment suppliers for its coming high-speed wireless LTE network and signaled the start of an aggressive battle against rival Verizon.

Cisco adding iPhone app for voice-over-Wi-Fi

Cisco plans to add voice-over-Wi-Fi capabilities to its existing iPhone app by April, part of a continuing effort to expand its unified communications technology into the mobile space.

Smartphone shipments hit new record in fourth quarter

Smartphone devices continued to ship at record levels in last year's fourth quarter, reaching 54.5 million, or 39 percent more than last year, according to IDC. Apple now ships the third most smartphones, trailing only Nokia and Research in Motion.

iPad's wireless performance tied to AT&T's boosting its 3G network

Though AT&T says it will be ready to handle demand for the iPad's wireless connectivity, analysts wonder how well the wireless provider will manage the most demand applications run on Apple's forthcoming tablet.