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AT&T 'pleased' with iPhone MMS rollout three days in

Nearly three days after activating its multimedia messaging service (MMS) to iPhone 3G and 3GS, AT&T Inc. said today it was "pleased with the rollout."

E-readers could push growth in e-textbook market, analysts say

With more e-readers hitting the U.S. market, analysts predict a big uptick in sales in late 2010 with a strong surge in the popularity of electronic textbooks.

Oklahoma tech center eyes Kindles, iPhones for e-learning

High school and college students could be big beneficiaries of mobile technology by using e-readers and smartphones to access electronic textbooks and other course materials.

Analyst: AT&T likely to keep iPhone exclusive deal

iSuppli thinks AT&T will continue to enjoy an exclusive arrangement with Apple to provide service for the iPhone in the U.S. The reason? Growth in usage of a faster wireless standard at AT&T known as High Speed Packet Access.

Price cut on Palm Pre not a sign of bad sales

The price on the Palm Pre may be dropping, but analysts caution against assuming that the price cut is because sales of the smartphone are less than stellar.

iPhone app tracks swine flu, other disease outbreaks

A free iPhone app called "Outbreaks Near Me" is designed to help users track and report oubreaks of swine flu and other infectious diseases.

Decision time approaches on FCC wireless industry inquiries

The FCC is slated to discuss several wireless industry issues during its monthly meeting next Thursday.

Wireless service costs too much, and all but the carriers agree

Criticism of U.S. wireless carriers has reached a peak during the dog days of summer, with cries that carriers are charging too much for wireless voice, data and texting.

Wi-Fi on planes growing, if you can find the right flights

U.S. airlines are adding Wi-Fi to more of their planes, but it could still be years before the biggest carriers have their fleets fully equipped with the technology.

Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile garner top customer care ratings

Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile USA ,and Alltel tied for the highest ranking in wireless customer care awarded today by J.D. Power and Associates.

AT&T: iPhone subsidy hurts earnings, but only in short term

The $300 subsidy that AT&T pays for each iPhone took a toll on the carrier's quarterly finances, slightly more than analysts projected.

Analysis: Palm Pre sync flap, hardware issues, hurt Palm

Apple's move to disable iTunes syncing with the Palm Pre is just the latest trouble facing Palm and its would-be iPhone killer.

Google Voice app comes to BlackBerry, Android

Google Voice is now available directly via BlackBerry and Android smartphones. While Google hasn't indicated when an iPhone version might come out, some reports say the company is working on such an app.

Some doubt whether DOJ has case to reform exclusive phone deals

There is keen interest in whether the U.S. Department of Justice Department will investigate large telecom companies for anticompetitive practices, which could...

T-Mobile to give details on second Android phone next week

T-Mobile USA will go public next week with details about its next Android-powered smartphone, which many expect to be based on the HTC Magic.