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Analysts: iPhone 3G S still not enterprise-ready

Despite some enterprise-geared improvements in the latest iPhone, the analysts Computerworld spoke to say those steps are not good enough for widespread adoption of the new smartphone inside large businesses.

Kindle DX sold out for now, in stock June 17

Amazon says its bigger-screen version of the Kindle is out of stock until June 17, even though the Kindle DX only started shipping on Wednesday.

iPhone surcharge protest highlight carriers' loss of control

The backlash against AT&T for its iPhone 3G S pricing underscores the conflicted relationship phone users often have with their carriers, Computerworld writes.

Palm Pre fans line up in early hours to be first with the new smartphone

The Palm Pre's weekend launch didn't attract the crowds associated with a new iPhone release, but early adopters still came out.

CIS issues free benchmark on iPhone security

The Center for Internet Security today released what it termed the industry's only consensus security benchmark for the iPhone.

Survey: One in four mobile users admits driving while texting

Despite laws against driving while texting in some states, about a quarter of U.S. consumers surveyed say they do it anyway.

Baby monitors, microwaves said to cause Wi-Fi interference

A report from a regulatory authority in the U.K. has found that baby monitors, security cameras and microwave ovens are causing interference for Wi-Fi users, moreso than overlapping Wi-Fi signals

Comscore: AT&T sells twice as many smart phones as any competitor

Twice as many smart phone users have picked AT&T over any other wireless U.S. carrier, but research doesn't list iPhone.

Bank of America still not ready for iPhone

Despite Apple's determination to make the iPhone enterprise-ready, there are still some holdouts, such as Bank of America, which does not let its employees use the phone at work.

Android 1.5 'Cupcake' starts arriving on G1s

G1 owners report that Android 1.5, the next version of Google's mobile OS, has begun arriving on some devices.

Report: Sprint working with Barnes & Noble on e-reader

Barnes & Noble, Sprint Nextel, and an unnamed manufacturer are reportedly teaming up to build an e-book reader to compete with similar devices from Amazon and Sony.

Good offers iPhone management for enterprise use

More enterprise management support for companywide usage of Apple Inc.'s iPhone was announced Wednesday by Good Technology.

New smartphone controls may appeal to IT managers

With the latest version of its BlackBerry Enterprise Server, Research In Motion hopes to convince skeptical IT managers that smartphones can meet rigid standards for management and security in corporate settings.

Whispersync could be the real news surrounding Kindle 2

How well will the Kindle can sync information between devices—including iPhones?

Carriers won't stop exclusive phone deals despite churn risk

An online survery from Forrester Research shows customers who switch to a new carrier to get a specific more are more likely to jump ship again.