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Motorola to rely on Android to revive phone sales

Handset maker Motorola plans to improve phone sales in 2009 by focusing on developing smartphones that run Google’s Android operating system.

Smart phone shipments to grow despite overall mobile decline

Smart phones sales should account for 17 percent of mobile devices in 2009, according to new projections.

Amazon expected to unveil Kindle 2 on Feb. 9

Rumors circulating say that a new Kindle e-book reader will be announced on Feb. 9.

United to launch Wi-Fi on some cross-country flights

United Airlines will begin offering in-flight Wi-Fi service to customers on some flights between New York and California.

CES: New Palm Pre smart phone features touch screen, physical keyboard

At the Consumer Electronics Show, Palm announced a new operating system running on a new smart phone called the Palm Pre.

Sour economy may hurt wireless market

Some forecasters predict customers will spend less on new wireless devices as a result of the economic downturn.

Android phone launch day relatively quiet

The first day of sales for the first Android phone was relatively quiet, especially compared to the iPhone launch.

iPhone finally gets Notes support through Web app

A version of Lotus Notes from IBM is at last available for the iPhone as a free download from the App Store.

Rivals still see iPhone as the one to beat

At this week’s CTIA mobile wireless show, corporate leaders keep pointing out iPhone weaknesses. But they also have to keep answering why their devices can’t be as special as the iPhone or its touch interface, slew of apps and functions.

iPhone imitators prepping for their close-ups

Major phone makers are angling to create their own iconic device to match the iPhone, Computerworld reports.

iPhone App Store and Web apps a hit with users

Apple continues to earn praise for its novel and expanding App Store, Computerworld reports.

Wi-Fi in-flight comes to some American routes

American Airlines launched in-flight Wi-Fi service on three long-haul routes in the U.S. Wednesday, and will decide in three to six months whether to expand the service to other routes.

Delta to have Wi-Fi on all its US planes, starting this fall

Delta announced Tuesday that it will begin rolling out Wi-Fi access on its aircraft this fall.

Airlines get ready to test fledging Wi-Fi in flight

Computerworld looks at the status of in-flight Wi-Fi at several carriers that plan to add wireless connectivity on board their planes.

New iPhone still faces corporate disconnects

Apple still has both hardware and software issues to work through before the iPhone is likely to be widely adopted in corporate environments, according to IT managers interviewed by Computerworld.