Live Update: Sony E3 press show

Matt Peckham will be liveblogging E3 2010 as Sony hosts an invitation-only event to announce new PlayStation 3 and PSP-related products.

Live Update: Nintendo E3 press show

Matt Peckham will be liveblogging E3 2010 as Nintendo hosts an invitation-only event to announce new Wii and Nintendo DS-related products.

Live Update: Microsoft E3 press show

Matt Peckham and Chris Holt will be liveblogging E3 2010 as Microsoft hosts an invitation-only event to announce new Xbox 360 and Project Natal-related products.

Play Pac-Man on Google

To mark Pac-Man's 30th anniversary, Google turned its homepage into a tribute to the iconic game.

Is Apple developing game controls for the iPad and iPhone?

Watch out Nintendo and Sony, an Apple patent for a game-related accessory could make the iPhone or iPad considerably more appealing to enthusiasts.

Plants vs. Zombies racks up iPhone sales

Apple's App Store may have over 150,000 applications, but none have sold as many as Plants vs. Zombies in their introductory sales period.

An Apple tablet won't revolutionize gaming

Apple may have invited some game bloggers to its product event next week. But PC World's Matt Peckham isn't expecting anything major on the games front out of Cupertino.

iPhone 3GS tames Unreal Engine 3

A demo shows an iPhone 3GS running Epic’s Unreal Engine 3.

Is Apple's iPhone App Store growing unwieldy?

If the App Store continues to swell at its current rate, how will users be able to discover great new apps among all that volume?

ESRB releases iPhone app for parents

The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) now offers a free iPhone app that lets parents quick-check the ratings summary of any games they're thinking of buying.

Xbox Live iPhone app lets you message on the go

The $2 iPhone app is designed to let you reach out and touch your Xbox Live account from just about anywhere, as well as several of the service's tracking and messaging features.

Dexter The Game for iPhone available now

Dexter's new season starts up in just a few weeks, and Mark Ecko Entertainment's ringing things in with the $6 Dexter The Game for the iPhone and iPod touch.

iPhone games for 99 cents? Meet EA's 8 lb Gorilla

What's about to make Apple's iPhone quick and tiny and cheap all over? Electronic Arts, that's what, with their maverick new micro-studio, cutely dubbed 8 lb...

Blizzard kills StarCraft II LAN support

Upcoming real-time strategy Windows game StarCraft II will ship without Local Area Network multiplayer support in an effort to combat piracy, says Blizzard, in...

Microsoft announces games-on-demand for Xbox Live

Is it end of days for storefront retailers like Gamestop? Just after its boisterous, much-ballyhooed E3 press conference, Microsoft dropped another zinger: Games on-demand for the Xbox 360.