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Analysis: How Facebook changed gaming

The booming resurgence of casual games—games that don’t a huge time commitment—was the focus of some speakers at the E For All Expo this past weekend.

Canon introduces EOS Digital Rebel XS

The EOS Digital Rebel will replace the Digital Rebel XTi, when the 10.1-megapixel camera ships later this summer.

First Look: Adobe Acrobat 9

With the new Acrobat 9, Adobe adds features that elevate Acrobat to a potential must-have application for business and individuals alike. PC World takes a first look.

First Look: Roku Netflix Player

A first look at Roku's $100 Netflix Player hardware, which lets you stream Netflix movies over the Internet to your TV.

CES: TV converter boxes offer escape from analog TV

LG and Philips will be showing off some of the first digital-to-analog converter boxes at this year's Consumer Electronics Show.

First Look: PC World: First look at Kindle e-book reader

PC World's Melissa J. Perenson looks at the newly released Kindle e-book reader from Amazon and reports on what works and what doesn't.

PC World: AT&T adds int'l flat-rate iPhone data plans

AT&T has introduced two flat-rate data plans for iPhone users who travel internationally.

PC World: Paramount's CTO on dumping Blu-ray

PC World talks to Paramount executive vice president and chief technology officer Alan Bell about the movie studio's decision to align itself exclusively with the HD DVD high-definition format.

PC World: HD DVD scores a format-wars coup

Paramount and Dreamworks will drop support for Sony's Blu-ray format to exclusively support HD DVD.

PC World: iPhone owner survey results

Nearly 90 percent of the iPhone owners who responded to a PC World survey rated themselves as very or extremely satisfied with their new mobile phone.

Developers gather to design Apple iPhone apps

Organizers of this weekend's iPhone Developers Camp in San Francisco hope to have Web-based applications for the phone ready to download by Sunday.

Western Digital ships 750GB hard drive

One year after the first 750GB hard drive debuted, Western Digital joins Seagate and Hitachi with its own 750GB offering.

New specs for next-generation Blu-ray players

Changes to Blu-Ray Disc players may make some people nervous about the new HD disk format, but the experts say not to worry.

First Look: PC World tests: Huge Seagate drive performs well

Seagate's gargantuan Barracuda 7200.10 750GB drive offers record-high storage capacity, leading the 7,200-rpm pack in overal performance.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-R1

If you can live without changing lenses, the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-R1 makes a versatile alternative to an SLR—albeit at an SLR price. You’ll get great image quality and wide-angle capability.