Michael GartenbergContributor, Computerworld

Michael Gartenberg is an analyst and long-time Mac user who covers the world of the interconnected consumer for Gartner. The opinions expressed are his own.

Is that an iPod on your wrist?

Michael Gartenberg takes an iPod nano for a spin and tries to understand its appeal as a wrist-based device. It is, he says, a preview of the future of mobile technology.

The Mac App Store: It's an honor thing

Michael Gartenberg points out that Apple's using the honor system on the Mac App Store. And explains why it's a very, very good thing for users.

Apple TV, from avocation to vocation

Analyst Michael Gartenberg looks at how Apple is guiding the new Apple TV from hobby status to full-fledged business.

The Mac is back

Don't fret, Mac users. Apple may spend a lot of time talking about iOS devices, but its recent Mac-focused event really does show why the Mac is resurgent. Analyst Michael Gartenberg explains why.

Nine years later, why iPod still matters

Is the iPod passe? Analyst Michael Gartenberg say no, absolutely not!

The misplaced schadenfreude of antennagate

Michael Gartenberg tried hard not to write about "antennagate," but he's got some parting shots about those who take too much glee in watching the downfall of others.

Now Apple's really "for the rest of us"

Apple has gone from a company with die-hard fans to one with mass appeal. But not, Michael Gartenberg writes, without making the old fans feel a little left out.

Apple's secret weapon: consumer education

Analyst Michael Gartenberg explains why Apple has succeeded where so many others have failed: a combination of marketing and a retail presence have allowed the company to educate consumers about products like none other.