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TechHive: Spotify Radio vs. Pandora iOS app face-off


Spotify's new free radio service for iOS goes up against Pandora. Find out which streaming-radio service comes out the winner.

How to watch iOS videos on your HDTV

With a simple cable, you can view your iOS device videos on a much larger screen.

Get better HDTV audio with a soundbar

Looking for better sound from your HDTV with fewer wires? A soundbar is a single audio unit that incorporates the center, left, and right speakers. Paired with a subwoofer, soundbars provide the aural oomph lacking from flat screen HDTVs in a pretty package.

HDMI switches to the rescue

As the number of components in your home theater grows--you might have even picked up a few more over the holidays--you'll run into a problem. Namely, you have more HDMI-enabled products than HDMI inputs on your HDTV. An HDMI switch can help.

Six ways to stream Netflix to your HDTV

Time was the only way you could access Netflix’s Watch Instantly feature was on a Windows PC. Now you only need to watch on a computer (Intel Macs included) if you want to. There are now many different ways to enjoy streaming Netflix content where you *really* want to see it--on your TV.