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Review: Wahoo RFLKT is a big win for cyclists

Although it's most powerful when paired with other peripheral devices, Wahoo's bike computer is a great gadget for cyclists who already use their iPhone on rides.

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RFLKT bike computer taps your iPhone's cycling potential

The RFLKT from Wahoo Fitness is the world's first iPhone powered bike computer.

How to set up a home recording studio

Putting together a home recording studio is easier than you may think.

Audio interfaces and mixers: What's best for your home studio?

How to pick the right audio interface or mixer for your home studio.

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Microphones: What you need to know before you buy

Everything you need to know about choosing a microphone for recording music at home.

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Modest crowds greet iPad mini's release

Customers didn't show up in as great a number as they have for more recent Apple product launches, but the people waiting to get their hands on a new iPad mini are enthusiastic about the latest tablet out of Cupertino.

TechHive: Lost Photos unearths the images buried in your emails


This new Windows and Mac app digs through your email archive and picks out all the images you ever sent or received, freeing you from the daunting task of tackling your disorderly mail archives.