Michael KanBeijing Correspondent, IDG News Service

Michael Kan covers IT, telecommunications, and the Internet in China for the IDG News Service.

Apple's iPad 2 attracts big lines in Beijing

Nearly two months after it went on sale in the U.S., the Wi-Fi version of the iPad 2 arrived in China, attracting large crowds outside the company's Beijing store.

Rovio to design versions of Angry Birds for China

Rovio plans Chinese versions of its Angry Birds game, with a target of 100 million downloads in China this year

White iPhone 4 creates long lines in Beijing

The launch of Apple's iPhone 4 in a white casing generated a long line of Chinese customers outside one of the company's stores in Beijing on Thursday.

Angry Birds game reaches 140 million downloads

Downloads of the Angry Birds game has reached 140 million, according to publisher Rovio Mobile

China is Apple's fastest growing market for iPhone

While Apple's iPhone is selling well across the globe, China has emerged as its fastest growing market for the device.

iPad dominates China, but the 'Happy Pad' takes aim

Lenovo, Motorola and Dell are preparing to launch tablets in China. But can the Happy Pad outsell Apple's iPad?

Poisoned Chinese iPhone workers still seeking treatment

A group of Chinese workers who were poisoned while manufacturing iPhones say Apple and its supplier have yet to provide for the additional medical treatment they require.

China blocks LinkedIn, ramps up Internet censorship

The social networking site LinkedIn has been blocked in China, a move that analysts say is tied to Chinese government efforts to suppress mention of a "Jasmine Revolution" on the Internet.

iPhone workers in China still sick after chemical poisoning

Workers at a Chinese factory that supplies Apple are still suffering the effects of exposure to a chemical cleaning agent more than a year after the incident.

Amid outcry, Apple says it monitors work conditions in China

Apple restated its pledge to provide safe working conditions for workers assembling of its products after environmental groups in China released a report critical of the company.

Hacked iTunes accounts taken off China e-commerce site

The sale of hacked iTunes accounts in China has been dealt a blow as the Chinese online retailer Taobao.com has decided to remove all product listings relating to the sale of the stolen accounts.

Hacked iTunes accounts continue to sell in China

The sale of iTunes accounts that have reportedly been hacked has yet to be stopped by Apple or the Chinese e-commerce site hosting the sellers.

China Unicom's iPhone policy draws attention from gov't

New contract rules at China Unicom meant to prevent Chinese iPhone 4 owners from reselling their phones have drawn the attention of the Chinese government.

Apple accelerates launch of new products in China

Apple is about to launch the MacBook Air in China, just a month after its U.S. launch.

Google CEO: China's Internet censorship will fail in time

China's strict controls on its Internet usage will eventually fail, said Google CEO Eric Schmidt.