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Michael Kan covers IT, telecommunications, and the Internet in China for the IDG News Service.

Politics on Apple's side in Chinese trademark dispute

Politics could tip the scales in Apple's favor for a high-stakes legal battle that will decide ownership of the iPad trademark in mainland China.

Apple files complaint against Chinese vendor for using EPAD trademark

Apple, which already faces uncertainty over ownership of the iPad trademark in China, has filed a complaint demanding a local Chinese luggage vendor stop using the name EPAD.

Apple defends claims to iPad trademark in Chinese court

Apple's lawyers defended the company's claims to the iPad trademark in China on Wednesday during a high-stakes court hearing.

Chinese writers demand Apple pay up more in piracy case

A group of Chinese writers has nearly doubled the amount of compensation it is seeking from Apple in a lawsuit that alleges Cupertino has allowed developers to sell pirated versions of their works in the App Store.

Chinese court rejects injunction to stop iPad sales at Apple stores

A request for a legal injunction that would have forced Apple to halt iPad sales in its Shanghai stores has been rejected, giving the U.S. tech giant a small victory in its ongoing trademark dispute in China over the iPad name.

China Telecom to start selling Apple's iPhone 4S

China Telecom said on Tuesday it will begin selling the iPhone 4S on March 9, making it the second carrier in the country to officially sell Apple's popular...

Apple threatens to sue Chinese firm for defamation in iPad trademark dispute

Apple has threatened to take legal action against a little-known Chinese firm for inflaming an ongoing dispute over the iPad trademark.

Foxconn to increase workers' wages in China

Foxconn Technology, a supplier for Apple among other tech companies, said on Saturday it had raised wages for its assembly line workers in China by 16 to 25 percent. The move came amid increased public scrutiny over working conditions at its factories.

Apple's next iPad could face customs ban in China

Apple's rumored iPad 3 has emerged as the latest target in an ongoing trademark dispute in China.

China may widen investigation of Apple iPad trademark dispute

More than 30 offices across China of a commerce regulatory body are investigating Apple's sales of the iPad in the country, according to a lawyer for the little-known Chinese company that has accused Apple of trademark infringement.

Facebook unsure whether it can launch in China

China, one of the world's largest Internet markets, could be out of reach of Facebook because of the Chinese government's strict censorship policies, the company says.

Apple appeals iPad trademark decision in China

Apple has appealed a Chinese court ruling from last December that rejected its ownership of the iPad trademark in the country.

Apple clears another regulatory hurdle to bring iPhone to China Telecom

Apple may be a step closer to offering its iPhone through China Telecom, after yet another Chinese regulator approved a version of the iconic smartphone built for the mobile operator's networks.

Ugly Beijing iPhone 4S turmoil a lesson to Apple, say analysts

Apple should consider launching its products earlier in China, and expand its online distribution there, if it wants to avoid future displays of customer madness, say analysts.

Eggs thrown at Beijing Apple store after iPhone 4S sale canceled

Apple abruptly canceled first-day sales of its iPhone 4S at one of its Beijing stores, prompting an irate customer to throw eggs at the building, and leaving others disappointed after waiting for a number of hours.