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ITC rejects Google patents in HTC legal dispute against Apple

The U.S. International Trade Commission has tossed out five Google patents assigned to High Tech Computer in support of its legal complaint against Apple.

Evernote launches China-based service to tap country's market

Evernote launched a Chinese version of its popular note-taking service on Thursday, marking the U.S. company's entrance into a key country.

Flipboard expects China downloads to surpass U.S.

Flipboard expects the daily number of downloads coming from China for its popular personalized news reading app will very soon surpass its U.S. downloads.

Foxconn setting up China headquarters in Shanghai

Apple supplier Foxconn plans to set up headquarters in China, as part of the company's growing expansion in manufacturing and commercial operations.

Chinese official: Apple does not own iPad trademark

A Chinese official said on Tuesday that Apple does not have ownership of the iPad trademark in China.

Apple in talks with iPad trademark challenger to try and settle dispute

Apple and a Chinese company have started talks to try and resolve an ongoing legal dispute over the iPad trademark, according to a lawyer involved in the case.

Apple and Chinese environmental group to audit factory for pollution concerns

Apple and a Chinese environmental group plan to jointly audit one of the company's supplier factories in China. The move could lead to more open inspections of Apple's suppliers for pollution concerns.

Foxconn's overtime reduction will not affect product prices, analysts say

Low labor costs and a growing reliance on automation will ensure Apple supplier Foxconn's newly announced efforts to reduce overtime for its employees won't lead to a corresponding price increase in tech products.

Chinese leader asks Apple's Tim Cook to care for workers

Apple CEO Tim Cook met with a top Chinese official on Tuesday, who called on foreign companies to pay more attention to the care of their workers in the country.

Apple's CEO meets with Beijing's mayor, calls for cooperation

Apple's CEO Tim Cook met with Beijing's mayor on Monday, and called for increased cooperation with China's capital city along with market expansion, according to a report from Chinese state-run press.

Apple's new iPad clears China's regulatory hurdle

Apple received Chinese regulatory approval for an iPad device last week, signaling that the company plans on bringing its newest tablet to the country, despite ongoing trademark litigation.

Apple's new iPad debuts to calls for ban by Chinese firm

As Apple unveiled its newest iPad on Wednesday, a local firm in China warned suppliers and vendors in the country to stop sales of the tablet or face legal action, in what has become a heated battle over ownership of the iPad trademark.

Politics on Apple's side in Chinese trademark dispute

Politics could tip the scales in Apple's favor for a high-stakes legal battle that will decide ownership of the iPad trademark in mainland China.


Apple files complaint against Chinese vendor for using EPAD trademark

Apple, which already faces uncertainty over ownership of the iPad trademark in China, has filed a complaint demanding a local Chinese luggage vendor stop using the name EPAD.

Apple defends claims to iPad trademark in Chinese court

Apple's lawyers defended the company's claims to the iPad trademark in China on Wednesday during a high-stakes court hearing.