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Samsung slammed for alleged worker mistreatment in China

A labor rights group has accused Samsung of "illegal and inhumane violations" at its factories in China, reporting cases of excessive overtime and exhausting conditions.

China's smartphone shipments overtake feature phones earlier than expected

China's smartphone shipments surpassed those of feature phones for the first time ever during the second quarter.

Labor group: Foxconn making progress with factory conditions

Foxconn, a major supplier to Apple as well as other tech companies, has been steadily improving the working conditions at three of its Chinese factories following a February audit, according to the Fair Labor Association.

Apple hit with patent lawsuit in China over FaceTime feature

The number of lawsuits against Apple in China continues to grow: A Taiwanese man has sued the company, alleging that the FaceTime feature on its iPhone and iPad infringes on one of his patents.

Watchdog group: Samsung supplier in China uses underage workers

A Samsung supplier in China allegedly employs workers under the age of 16, according to a labor watchdog group, which found the student workers earn about US$1 an hour.

Taiwanese university claims Apple's Siri infringes its patents

A Taiwanese university has sued Apple for alleged patent infringement in its Siri voice assistant, in retaliation for patent disputes brought against Taiwanese firms by foreign rivals.

Apple's China revenue grows despite late iPad launch

Apple's revenue for China saw robust growth in its fiscal third quarter, as iPhone sales continued to boom, even though the company delayed the launch of its new iPad in mainland China.

New reservation process smooths iPad launch in Beijing

Apple's new iPad went on sale in China on Friday morning with a sparse, but orderly, line of people at one of its stores in Beijing, as the company used a new reservation system.

Apple uses reservation system for iPad sales in China to avoid skirmishes

Apple stores in mainland China are using a reservation system this time around to launch the company's new iPad, which arrives in that country on Friday.

Shanghai company sues Apple over Siri for alleged patent infringement

Apple has become the target of another lawsuit in China, this time because of its Siri technology, with a Shanghai-based company alleging that Apple has infringed on a patent involving its own personal assistant software.


HTC fends off Apple in UK over "slide to unlock" patent

A High Court in the UK has ruled that HTC did not infringe on Apple's photo management patent, while stating that three other patents Apple claimed in the lawsuit were invalid.

Taiwan worries new Apple patent could target ultrabooks

A Taiwan government office is warning local PC vendors of a new Apple patent for its MacBook Air that could be used in legal action to try and stop the sale of ultra book models.

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Apple pays $60 million for iPad trademark in China

According to a Chinese court, Apple has agreed to pay $60 million for ownership of the iPad trademark in China. This comes as part of a settlement with a little-known Chinese firm called Proview that had tried to ban sales of the tablet in the country.