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Michael deAgonia, a contributing writer for Computerworld, is a computer consultant and technology geek who has been working on computers since 1993, with an emphasis on Macs, OS X, and iOS.

With Siri, technology finds its voice

After a month of using Siri, the new voice-controlled "personal assistant" available on the iPhone 4S, I've decided it may be time to add voice control to the list of paradigm-shifting ways to interact with a computer.

Five ways Apple's iOS 4 breathes new life into iPhone

Computerworld's Michael deAgonia gives the five reasons he's glad that iOS 4 has arrived.

Apple's iPad makes technology instantly accessible

Computerworld's Michael DeAgonia weighs in with his first impressions of the iPad.

The top 10 standout Macs of the past 25 years

To celebrate the Mac’s 25th anniversary, Computerworld’s Michael DeAgonia looked back over the years and picked 10 Apple computers that altered the company’s course and changed the way the world works and communicates.

Five things Apple needs to do at Expo

Computerworld’s Michael DeAgonia offers Apple some unsolicited advice for Tuesday’s Macworld Expo keynote.

Move over .Mac., here comes MobileMe

Computerworld’s Michael DeAgonia takes a closer look at MobileMe, the iPhone-friendly replacement for .Mac that Apple unveiled this week.

How do you use your iPhone?

A report from iSuppli on how people use their iPhones suggests that Apple has come close to achieving a balanced convergence in mobile handset features and usage.

Computerworld: Leopard hits and misses

Computerworld looks at what Apple got right and wrong with OS X 10.5.

Computerworld: The iPhone at two months

After two months of steady iPhone use, Computerworld's Michael DeAgonia concludes that Apple's latest device continues the company's tradition of rocking industry complacency, with the brilliance of the iPhone shining brighter the more you use it.

Computerworld: Running Windows on a Mac

From Computerworld, here are some answers to common questions about Boot Camp, the Apple software that allows you to boot into Windows XP on an Intel-based Mac.