Mike Curtismike@mikecurtispictures.com, TechHive

Mike Curtis has been pushing pixels for a living for about 25 years, having worked in print, interactive, video and feature films. He writes video product reviews for Macworld, is a founding contributor to ProVideoCoalition.com, and created and wrote the popular HDforIndies.com blog with over 3500 entries. His cinematography work can be seen at mikecurtispictures.com.

Review: Adobe Premiere Elements 11 offers an easy, fast, and simple take on video editing

Next to Apple's iMovie '11, Premiere Elements 11 is about the same, a little bit more, a little prettier, and easier to use.

Scribbeo for iPhone and iPad

DFTI’s Scribbeo makes it possible to collaboratively annotate still images and videos, but the app has a lot of rough edges.

iStopMotion Pro 2.7

Stop motion animation package is fun at first but frustrating as you try to go beyond the basics.

Create HDR time-lapse video with a digital camera

For the last couple of years, self-described video nerd Mike Curtis has been developing his technique for shooting HDR time-lapse video with a digital still camera. He shares his secrets with Macworld.