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Nathan Alderman is a writer and copy editor, and frequent Macworld contributor based in Alexandria, Virginia.

FileBrowse helps organize media files

FileBrowse is a beautiful, well-made media browser program, though how useful you find it will likely depend on what files you’re perusing.

AirRadar surveys your wireless signals

Increasingly, the airwaves around us are a jungle of competing wireless signals. Koingo Software’s AirRadar not only helps cut through the clutter, but also provides useful information about your wireless signal of choice.

Google Earth 5

Google Earth 5 offers a wealth of educational information in a fun package. Its nonexistent price also makes its minor inconveniences far more forgivable.

Review: WriteRoom 2.3

If you just want to write, without any distractions, a full-screen editor like WriteRoom could be what you need. Nathan Alderman has our review.

Write a novel in 30 days

Yes, you can write a novel in 30 days. And there are plenty of tools to help Mac users succeed at National Novel Writing Month. Here are tips, tricks, and tools from one NaNoWriMo survivor.

Advice from a noveling veteran

Nathan Alderman has some tips about how to unlock your creativity and make it across the National Novel Writing Month finish line, 50,000 words later.

Review: Storyist 1.4

Writers who thrive on structure and need a solid framework to wrangle their copious notes will enjoy Storyist’s approach to writing. But if you don’t need quite so much detail when you write, there are less expensive and equally feature-rich alternatives.

Review: Firefox 3.0

Powerful and polished, Firefox 3 improves on its predecessor in nearly every respect. However, users may not get all of the dramatic speed boosts promised.

Review: Outspring Mail 1.0

The program deserves credit for trying a whole new approach to e-mail. Given time to iron out its quirks and add planned features to its first-rate interface, this program could become a serious contender on the Mac e-mail scene.

Review: PowerMail 5.6.3 e-mail software

The biggest strength of CTM's e-mail program is that its FoxTrot-based search function is blazingly fast. PowerMail messages are also thoughtfully available for Spotlight searches performed in the Finder. But when it comes to other vital e-mail features, such as spam filtering and encryption, PowerMail falls short.

Review: Yahoo! Mail online e-mail

Yahoo! Mail sports a great new interface, but if you demand more from your e-mail service than the basic features, prepare to pay a monthly fee.

Review: Google Gmail e-mail software

Google's Gmail is a lot like Google's Web search: simple, no frills. But Gmail has a nice feature set that makes it a nice choice for online email—as long as you don't mind the contextual ads that Google displays on the Gmail Web page.

Firefox 2.0

With version 3 currently in beta testing, promising improved rendering, easier bookmarking, and tighter OS X integration, Firefox can only get better. Serious Web users who don’t mind a little extra heft should find this browser’s flexibility both welcome and invaluable.

SeaMonkey 1.1.8

SeaMonkey 1.1.8 feels like a great browser saddled with so-so add-ons, and trapped beneath an oppressive interface.

Camino 1.5

If you value speed and superb design above all else, and you don’t need Firefox’s flexibility or Safari’s RSS reader, take Camino 1.5.5 for a test drive. What it lacks in fancy features, it more than makes up in snappy performance and style.