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First Look: Adobe Edge makes HTML5 dance

Adobe's JavaScript-based animation tool is rough around the edges, but shows incredible promise

Is Apple barking up the wrong tree with Grand Central?

Vendors are scrambling to provide developer tools to support multicore CPUs, but customer demand is heading in the other direction, writes Neil McAllister of InfoWorld.

Will Google and Microsoft own the Web?

Does the overwhelming influence of Google and Microsoft on the browser market mean the Web is destined to become just another proprietary platform? Or will the influence of open source and open standards bodies ensure that the Web remains a free, public resource?

Macs and malware: The straight dope

Earlier this week, Washington Post blogger Brian Krebs stunned the computing world with the revelation that Apple had quietly...

Can Apple save the netbook?

With the cost of netbook models creeping upward, could Apple make a splash in the ultra-portable market? PC World’s Neil McAllister contemplates Apple’s rumored entry into the world of netbooks.

Analysis: Comcast sets its sights on peer-to-peer apps

As Comcast calls for a peer-to-peer Bill of Rights and Responsibilities, skeptics worry that such a plan might be light on rights.

Likewise opens Windows networks to Linux, Macs

Likewise Open Spring '08, released Tuesday, is the latest version of a product that allows Linux, Mac OS X, and other Unix systems to authenticate against Microsoft Active Directory servers.

Opinion: Who will defend open source?

A few days ago, the Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC), chaired by Columbia University law professor Eben Moglen, announced that it would provide legal services free of charge to the Wine project, an open source implementation of the Windows API on Unix-based systems. And the funny thing is, to my knowledge the Wine project hasn't even been sued yet.