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Royal Wedding: The best, worst and indifferent iOS apps

Network World rounds up a collection of iOS apps that have gone royally mad over the upcoming Prince William-Kate Middleton nuptials.

Google buys company formed by former Apple, PA Semi employees

Google has bought a hardware company called Agnilux, which is notable for its formation by ex-Apple and PA Semi employees.

Research: Half of iPad users have Windows device in home

A little more than half of all iPad user have a Windows computer at home, according to a sampling of nearly 75,000 of the tablet computers studied by online advertising network Chitika.

iPhone apps usage shifts into high gear at night, on weekends

New research conducted by app-tracking firm Localytics over the past two months shows that Apple iPhone users mainly use their apps at night and on weekends.

The day the Web sites died: Yahoo shutters GeoCities

Yahoo killed off its GeoCities Web hosting service, once one of the most popular sites on the Web.

A short history of cloud computing outages

Can you really trust your data to distant servers? While you consider the answer to that question, here's a recap of recent outages and high-profile data misfortunes.

Nobel Prize discovery led to iPods, better laptops

The discovery honored with this year's Nobel Prize in Physics is responsible for the technology that squeezes smaller disks into laptops and music players.

Security fears grow as iPods proliferate

Network World examines the recent buzz about security threats posed by iPods to corporations and how IT managers should treat these devices.

University develops game to help spot Phishing attacks

Scientists at Carnegie Mellon University have developed an online game designed to teach Internet users about the dangers of phishing.

'I'm a Mac' and I'm unemployed

Published reports suggest that Apple's Mac may get a new face in new television ads -- the reports say that Apple has let go Justin Long, the actor that portrays the Mac in recent TV ads.