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University develops game to help spot Phishing attacks

Scientists at Carnegie Mellon University have developed an online game designed to teach Internet users about the dangers of phishing.

Security fears grow as iPods proliferate

Network World examines the recent buzz about security threats posed by iPods to corporations and how IT managers should treat these devices.

Opinion: Why IT shouldn't ignore the iPhone

There's been a lot of talk about why enterprises shouldn't adopt the iPhone. But Keith Shaw of explains why IT shouldn't ignore the first generation of Apple's mobile phone.

Survey: IT buyers cautions in third quarter

Goldman Sachs reports that IT buyers are getting cautious, leading to a slowdown in technology spending.

Study: Facebook users easy targets for identity theft

A study by security-products maker Sophos found that Facebook users are prone to give up personal information that could make them the victims of identity theft.

MS: Vista launch 'eclipsed entire Apple install base'

Microsoft is countering criticism about Windows Vista use by taking a swipe at Apple.

Cisco patch quells Duke's iPhone storms

Cisco has published a security advisory that explains what went wrong on Duke University's network -- which was originally blamed incorrectly on the iPhone.

Xbox chief resignation unrelated to console troubles

Microsoft Xbox chief Peter Moore claims his decision to take a job with EA is unrelated to ongoing concerns about Xbox 360 reliability.

IPhones flooding wireless LAN at Duke University

The Wi-Fi connection on Apple's recently released iPhone seems to be the source of a big headache for network administrators at Duke University.

Connecting the iPhone to corporate e-mail servers

Synchronica brings Exchange compatibility to the iPhone with Mobile Gateway 3.0.

PDF spam ready to replace declining image spam

Security vendors and users agree that image spam is finally on the decline, but at the same time a new kind of spam is emerging that uses an attached PDF file to trick recipients into buying stock in a company.

Consumer Reports: AT&T network may hinder iPhone success

In advance of the iPhone launch, Consumer Reports notes that AT&T has been among the least-satisfying service providers in its annual customer satisfaction surveys.

Gartner to IT: Avoid Apple's iPhone

The analyst firm Gartner will tell IT executives to keep Apple’s iPhone away from their networks, in a research report to be released within a week.

UpStage tries to upstage iPhone

Samsung's UpStage combines a cell phone on one side and an MP3 player on the other, and it's available from Sprint Nextel.

DIY wireless backbone shaping up on Cape Cod

A nonprofit group is building a regional wireless broadband backbone across Cape Cod, Mass.