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Report: Verizon plans iPhone competitor

Verizon Wireless is plotting a response to AT&T’s widely-anticipated Apple iPhone offering, according to published reports.

Disney-developed identity technology goes commercial

Startup Bitkoo is releasing as a commercial product identity-management technology developed and deployed by Walt Disney.

Analyst firm: Google Analytics not enterprise ready

An analysis firm says that Google Analytics isn't enterprise-ready because it lacks some features in pay-to-play Web analytics systems -- a charge that Google executives deny.

Google integrates images, videos, maps into searches

Google plans on implementing a "universal search model" that will provide users with images, videos and maps into their search results.

Gates christens Longhorn Windows Server 2008

Bill Gates has announced that Longhorn Server will officially be called Windows Server 2008.

Majority of tech execs watch employee Web use

If corporate employees have a sneaking suspicion they are being watched while Web browsing, their instincts would be spot on, according to survey results from Robert Half Technology.

Network World: Should Apple secure its iPods?

Security analysts weigh in on whether MP3 player manufacturers like Apple need to add security features to their devices to discourage data theft in corporate environments.

NetworkWorld: Can an iPod bring down your company?

NetworkWorld looks at how much of a threat iPods pose for IT managers looking to prevent data theft.

How Webkinz is getting young kids hooked on the Web

Webkinz is a new Internet craze aimed at youngsters that combines real plushie toys with a Web site chock full of games and activities.

Lawsuit against Google dismissed

A U.S. District Court judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed against Google by a company that accused the Web search engine of dropping Web sites from search results for political and religious reasons and skewing search results in favor of companies that compensate Google financially.

Advocates: Google policy may not protect identity

Some Google observers are concerned that a new privacy policy announced by the Web search giant may contain holes that could make it possible to connect search logs to the names of users.

NetworkWorld: IEEE approves next 802.11n draft

The IEEE 802.11n Working Group has approved draft 2.0 of the wireless standard which is featured in the AirPort Extreme Base Station and the forthcoming Apple TV. NetworkWorld has the details.

Mac OS infused with tools of the corporate IT trade

Apple is beginning to cast a shadow in the corporate-infrastructure world as the Mac becomes a realistic alternative to Windows and Linux.

Report: Municipal Wi-Fi not just another utility

A new report warns that cities considering municipal Wi-Fi shouldn’t fool themselves into believing that the experience will be as routine as running water, gas and electricity systems.

Software that can predict would-be killers?

Police in Philadelphia are working with a criminologist to develop software that can forecast who might commit murder.