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'I'm a Mac' and I'm unemployed

Published reports suggest that Apple's Mac may get a new face in new television ads -- the reports say that Apple has let go Justin Long, the actor that portrays the Mac in recent TV ads.

DSL price drop steepest in 4 years

DSL prices have seen their sharpest price drop in four years, according to a new report from Point Topic Research.

Microsoft profits off; share buyback program revealed

Microsoft saw dramatically lower year-over-year profits for its latest reported quarter, but still beat the street.

Vonage sued by Verizon

Vonage is being sued by Verizon, which claims that Vonage is infringing upon seven of Verizon's patents.

802.11n wireless LAN draft fails to advance

The draft version of 802.11n wireless networking failed to advance on a vote this week.

Google acquires online word processing app provider

Google has acquired Writely, a Web-based word processor.

Hearing set on possible BlackBerry blackout

The BlackBerry heads back to court on Feb. 24.

Mad as hell, switching to Mac

This is my first column written on a Mac - ever. Maybe I should have done it a long time ago, but I never said I was smart, just obstinate. I was a PC bigot.

Experts say spam fight needs to be more strategic

The fight against spam to date has been too tactical and not strategic enough, according to experts at the Next Generation Networks conference.