Postbox Express offers powerful e-mail for free

The newly released Postbox Express offers a lightweight version of premium e-mail app Postbox for free.

Apple releases update for new 15-, 17-inch MacBook Pros

To address last minute issues with graphics hardware, MacBook Pro Software Update 1.3 has just been released for mid-2010 15- and 17-inch MacBook Pros.

Change in iPhone developer terms puts Flash in crosshairs

Apple has made a major change to the developer agreement for the development tools for iPhone OS 4.0, which clearly forbid the use of Flash and other non-Apple approved solutions to write apps.

VirusBarrier X6 adds iPad support

VirusBarrier X6's 10.6.5 update grants Intego's Mac virus scanner the ability to scan iPads for viruses.

PCalc keeps counting on iPad

Longtime calculator for Apple devices PCalc now has an iPad version, which comes as a free update for users of PCalc for the iPhone.

GoodReader comes to the iPad

GoodReader, the acclaimed file preview app for iPhones and iPod Touches, has arrived for iPad with a brand new Tablet Edition.