TomTom 1.3 adds real time traffic updates

TomTom's iPhone app now offers support for traffic updates as an optional service for a fee. There's also support for Google Local Search and a bunch of other new features.

Razer, GPG pledge Mac support; DICE investigating

Following the announcement of Steam on Mac OS X, Razer and Gas Powered Games have pledged to support the Mac, while EA DICE is currently investigating the possibility.

GDC: Khronos group unveils OpenGL 4.0 and 3.3

The Khronos group has published the complete specifications for OpenGL 4.0 and OpenGL 3.3 for upcoming and modern graphics hardware.

Consumer Reports: Apple still tops in computer tech support

In Consumer Reports' latest survey of computer tech support, Apple has come out far ahead of their competition for their support of laptop and desktop computers.

Parallels Desktop update adds support for Chrome OS

Parallels has just issued an update for Parallels Desktop 5.0 which adds support for Google's Chrome OS, according to the developer.

Bigpoint to unveil platform for MMO games on Mac, iPhone

Bigpoint plans to demo a platform for MMO games based on Unity, which will allow players to dynamically pick up and play the same game from the Mac or the iPhone.

Stanford survey contemplates iPhone addiction

A survey among 200 Stanford University students has found that iPhones are addictive devices, with some interesting statistics to back up that claim.

Apple purges Wi-Fi stumblers from App Store

Apple has purged all Wi-Fi stumbling apps from the App Store for using private APIs. Wi-Fi hotspot seeking apps without stumbling features remain unaffected.

Report: Apple hoping to offer cloud video storage

Cnet reports that Apple has been pitching the idea to provide cloud storage for music and movies for a future iteration of iTunes.

iLuv introduces bed-shaking iMM178 Vibe Plus

iLuv's iMM178 Vibe Plus alarm clock uses bed shaker technology to stand apart from other iPod and iPhone alarm clocks.

Latest Netflix survey gauges interest in iPhone app

A question from the latest Netflix survey outlines plans for a future iPhone service.

AT&T says network will be ready for SXSW 2010

After experiencing disastrous coverage and network problems at SXSW 2009, AT&T has taken special measures to address those issues for SXSW 2010.

Ngmoco acquires iPhone/Mac developer Freeverse

On Monday, Ngmoco announced that they have completed the acquisition of Freeverse, a developer best known for Mac and iPhone games like Skee-ball and Burning Monkey Solitare.

Kerio MailServer becomes Kerio Connect 7

Kerio's critically acclaimed Kerio Connect (previously Kerio MailServer) has received a major upgrade to support businesses that require multiple groupware servers.

Gorillapod Magnetic conquers metal surfaces

Joby's new Gorillapod Magnetic takes the famous Gorillapod tripod and adds magnetic feet for extra grip.