Apple job listing suggests big changes for iPhone Maps app

A job listing on Apple's website suggests a revolutionary new Maps app planned for a future iPhone or iPhone OS update.

Apple launching ads targeting Verizon's network

Apple plans to air two ads tonight that show off the iPhone's ability to simultaneously use data and voice services on AT&T's network, a feature absent from Verizon's network.

Gameloft to cut back on Android development

Mobile games developer Gameloft has announced it's cutting back on development for the Android, citing a lack of revenue.

Agile Web Solutions releases 1Password 3

After two private betas and a public beta, the well-received Mac OS X password manager 1Password 3 has been officially released.

Adobe unveils public betas for Flash Player 10.1, AIR 2.0

Adobe has released a public beta for Flash Player 10.1 and AIR 2.0 for developers.

Apple launches iTunes Preview

Apple has just quietly launched a service that makes links to the iTunes Store a little more informative by displaying information about the product in a Web browser.

Undercover 1.5 ousts iPhone thieves with push notifications

Orbicule's Undercover 1.5 for iPhone introduces clever push notifications to the iPhone tracking app, specifically made to fool a thief into exposing his whereabouts.

More Mac bundles for the masses

TheMacSale 2 and TheMacBundles offer their own respective bundles of Mac software for $50, but at what cost to developers?

Apple tops Q3 handset vendor profit list

Thanks to strong iPhone sales, Apple has seized the crown of the world's most profitable handset vendor from Nokia.

Shazam rolls out paid Encore app, changes free app

Shazam, creators of the popular song-identifying app for iPhone, has released a $5 version with more features and introduced limitations for new users of the free app.

Intuit to phase out Quicken Online in favor of

Intuit has announced plans to replace its Quicken Online Web service with the recently acquired

Sirius XM launches SkyDock radio for iPhone

Sirius XM's new SkyDock radio is a combination of software and docking cradle that lets you listen to your XM radio on your iPhone or iPod touch

Verizon Media Manager streams photos, music to your FiOS DVR

Verizon has released a Mac version of its Media Manager software, allowing FiOS TV customers to stream music and photos to their DVR set-top boxes.

ReelDirector beefs up iPhone 3GS's editing capabilities

ReelDirector, an app for the iPhone 3GS, improves the device's editing capabilities by allowing for transitions and text overlays.

1Password 3 beta now open to all

1Password 3, the latest version of Agile Web Solutions's password storage utility for Safari, is now available in beta mode for all interested parties.