Nokia boss takes aim at Apple, Google

Niklas Savander, Nokia's EVP of Markets has slammed rival smartphone companies including Apple and Google during a Nokia World 2010 keynote speech.

Free iPhone 4 adapter available for TomTom Car Kit owners

TomTom is offering a free adapter for its Car Kit, to accommodate users who have updated to the latest Apple iPhone 4.

Roxio fixes Toast 10 Titanium glitch

Roxio has fixed a glitch that caused Toast 10 Titanium to appear to expire.

FileMaker offers Bento 3 Project Manager

FileMaker has announced the availability of Bento 3 Project Manager, a new set of templates that aim to make it easy for Mac users to track their personal projects and manage their time within the Bento database application.

In ad, Motorola hits out at iPhone over lack of Flash

Motorola has once again hit out at Apple with another ad, this time highlighting the lack of Adobe Flash on the iPhone compared to the Droid 2.

iPad Orchestra shows musical potential of Apple's tablet

Members of The iPad Orchestra recently performed 'Sweet Dream' by Ilya Plavunov on four iPads, much to the approval of Apple.

Scottish school embraces Apple's iPad

A Scottish school has reportedly become the first in the world where all lessons take place using computers - Apple's iPad tablet computer.

Apple promises to pay iPhone developers sooner, regularly

Apple has posted a note for iPhone developers promising to pay developers sooner and more frequently in future.

China Unicom confirms 16 Sept iPhone 4 launch

China Unicom has confirmed Apple's iPhone 4 will be available from 16 September, including the offer of free Bumper cases.

Acer chairman predicts drop in iPad market share

JT Wang, chairman of computer giant Acer predicts a bleak future for Apple's iPad, once the market for tablet devices matures.

Facebook for iPhone now has over 100 million monthly users

The Facebook application for the iPhone now has more than 100 million active monthly users, of the 150 million people actively using Facebook from mobile devices.

LogMeIn updates iPhone, iPad apps

LogMeIn has updated its apps for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users, significantly improving the usability of each.

Adobe fixes Photoshop Express iPad app bugs

Adobe has fixed a serious bug found in the first iPad compatible release of Photoshop Express.

Adobe Photoshop Express apps adds iPad support

Adobe has renamed and updated its popular free iPhone application Adobe Photoshop Mobile to Adobe Photoshop Express adding support for Apple's iPad.

Adobe updates Photoshop Lightroom, Camera Raw

Adobe has updated Lightroom, its digital photography workflow solution, along with Camera Raw. Both updates are available to download now on Adobe Labs.