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Android gains with small phone makers in China

Google's Android is picking up steam in China among both big and small mobile phone makers, and the OS is set to move even further down the price chain.

Apple tweaks Wi-Fi in iPhone to use China protocol

Apple has tweaked its iPhone to support a Chinese security protocol for wireless networks, suggesting an iPhone with Wi-Fi could go on sale there.

Report: Google attack targeted 'Gaia' password system

Google property stolen in cyberattacks last year included a password system that gives access to multiple services after one login, The New York Times said.

Intel execs give lukewarm predictions for tablets

Netbooks have become a big business for Intel, but company executives gave lukewarm predictions for tablet PCs.

Intel says its Light Peak optical cables may succeed USB

Intel sees its Light Peak technology for linking devices by optical cable as potentially succeeding USB 3.0.

Intel puts Google's Android on Atom smartphones

Intel has ported Google's Android mobile operating system to smartphones based on its Atom microprocessors.

Report: FTC may try to block Google's AdMob deal

The Federal Trade Commission may be preparing to challenge Google's planned acquisition of AdMob on antitrust concerns, a news report said.

Not blocked in China, Google still faces risks

Ten days after Google snubbed Chinese government censors by moving its search engine there to Hong Kong, its Web search service remains unblocked in China. But the move could yet cost Google substantial business, and already offering services to Chinese users from outside of the country has proved an imperfect counter to government censorship.