Apple confirms Lala music service acquisition

Apple has acquired online music streaming company Lala, adding to the ways it could offer music to users.

iPhone cleared for sale by South Korean regulator

A South Korean regulatory body Wednesday gave Apple a business license that would allow it to launch the iPhone at any time.

China Mobile iPhone killer will not be cheap

Lenovo Mobile is making handsets for China's 3G standard that will reach China Mobile's target price of $150, but its high-end iPhone rival will cost more.

China clears iPhone for network, puts picture online

China has cleared a version of the iPhone to use Chinese mobile networks and posted pictures of the handset online as China Unicom prepares to launch the phone.

China Mobile still in iPhone talks after Unicom deal

China Unicom's iPhone distribution deal with Apple is not exclusive and China Mobile is still in talks about the handset with Apple as well.

More battles ahead for iPhone in China

Apple has emerged from winding negotiations with an iPhone deal in China, but the phone will still face government pitfalls and look-alike competitors in China.

China Unicom to sell iPhone next quarter

China Unicom has reached a 3-year deal with Apple to offer the iPhone in China, it said Friday, confirming rumors that have swirled for months.

China's knock-off mobile phones copy, then innovate

Fake mini iPhones and handsets that doubles as shavers are just some of the gray-market devices sold at Chinese markets.

HTC to launch Click, two other Android handsets in China

HTC's China subsidiary will launch up to three 3G handsets with Google's Android operating system this year, including the Hero and the lower-end Click.

China iPhone pictures posted on news site

A Chinese news Web site Friday posted pictures that it claimed showed the iPhone model being tested for release in China.

Foxconn hands iPhone suicide case to Chinese police

A 25-year-old Chinese employee of eletronics maker Foxconn reportedly committed suicide after losing a 4G iPhone prototype entrusted to him by his company.

iPhone closer to China launch with network tests

Apple has applied for a Chinese network access license for the iPhone, an important step that could lead to a China launch early next year, analysts said.

Apple may be exempt from China's Web filter mandate

Apple's computers and other that do not use Windows appear to be exempt from China's mandate to package new computers with Web filtering software.

China iPhone deal faces trademark conflict

A Chinese company that owns the trademark 'i-phone' says it is not in talks with Apple, though Apple may need its permission to sell the iPhone in China.

Chinese iPhone deal shows more hints of progress

Hints of progress toward an iPhone deal in China came as the country approved its frequency range and Apple advertised an 'iPhone training' job in Beijing.