Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse

Apple improves upon its original multi-button mouse by replacing the USB cord with a wireless Bluetooth connection and upgrading the Mighty Mouse's eyesight with a precision laser-tracking engine that works on almost any surface. The result is an innovative mouse that's a near-perfect partner for portables, as well as a convenient desktop mouse.

Rocbit 2B

Rocsecure’s Rocbit 2B, with 40-bit encryption, is priced only 15 percent higher than similar unencrypted portable drives and is well worth the premium if security is a concer.

Rocbit 3B

If security is important to you, the Rocbit 3B with 40-bit encryption is easily worth the 15 percent premium over comparable desktop drives. If you need encryption on the go, then consider the portable Rocbit 2 instead.

30 pivotal moments in Apple's history

Highlights—and lowlights—from the company’s history

The genesis of Apple

Take a look back at Apple’s evolution from a hobbyist computer club to today’s cutting-edge computer and media company.

MemoryMiner 1.0

MemoryMiner 1.04 is a cool program with lots of potential, but this initial release isn’t ready for prime time. Fortunately you can check out the 15-day trial version before shelling out the $60 purchase price.

Quicken for Mac 2006

If you’re still keeping track of your finances with paper registers or Microsoft Excel, Quicken 2006 is a vast improvement and well worth the retail price. You can’t beat its integration with over 1,800 banks, brokerages, and credit card providers.

LaCie Safe Mobile Hard Drive

It’s easy to imagine you’re a covert operative in a James Bond movie as you swipe your finger across the biometric sensor on LaCie’s Safe Mobile Hard Drive. But if your life depends on keeping secrets, you’d better find a more-secure solution.

3D Weather Globe & Atlas 1.1

If you’re interested in weather or geography, you absolutely must own 3D Weather Globe & Atlas 1.1. It will change the way you think about our small blue marble in space.

Phone Answering and Automation Systems

While PhoneValet and Phlink both offer hardware to answer your telephone, PhoneValet offers a refined interface that will appeal to people who seek an easy-to-use voice-mail system enhanced with dialing features.