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Internet visionary Cerf proposes 'digital vellum' to preserve Internet data

Vinton Cerf, one of the computer scientists who turned on the Internet in 1983, is concerned that much of the data created since then, and for years still to come, will be lost to time.


A U.S. Apple factory may be robot city

Apple's planned investment of $100 million next year in a U.S. manufacturing facility is relatively small, but still important. Apple has the money, talent and resources to build a highly automated factory that turns out products that are potentially cost competitive with those it now makes in China.

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Apple, Facebook put Prineville on the map

Apple and Facebook this week each filed plans to expand data center operations in Prineville, Ore., a little community that's on its way to becoming one of largest data center locations in the U.S.

Cellphone vibration syndrome and other signs of tech addiction

There's a growing body of research on phantom cellphone vibrations and the other problems associated with technology obsession.

Uncle Sam wants iPads, and maybe Androids

The U.S. Air Force is planning to buy as many as 18,000 tablet computers to serve as 'electronic flight bags,' that will replace the paper manuals and documents that air crews use today.

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Senator: SOPA fight in 'last rounds'

Two lawmakers who are fighting the controversial SOPA and PIPA bills took their case to CES this week.

Apple, Google, Facebook turn N.C. into data center hub

Apple is the latest high-profile tech company to open a data center in western North Carolina to take advantage of relatively low land and power costs.