Canon to launch its first DVD camcorders

Canon is updating its camcorder lineup with its first two DVD camcorders.

Three new Panasonic Lumix cameras unveiled

Matsushita's three latest Lumix digital still cameras will go on sale globally in late August.

PalmOne officially becomes Palm

PDA maker PalmOne officially became Palm again on July 14, changing its logo along with its name.

US court grants AMD document retention request

A U.S. court has granted AMD’s requests that documents held by third-parties be preserved as AMD pursues its antimonopoly case against Intel.

Seagate preps hard-disk encryption technology

Seagate has added a security feature to some of its products that encrypts data on the drives, helping protect the data even if the drive is stolen.

Report: Google is planning a rival for PayPal

Google is planning to launch and online payment system that would rival that of PayPal, according to newspaper reports.

Music player market set to double by 2009, study says

The market for MP3 players is set to double between 2005 and 2009 amid strong demand from consumers and hundreds of vendors striving to follow the success of Apple Computer Inc.'s iPod, a DisplaySearch Inc. analyst said in a conference in Tokyo on Thursday.

JVC to sell 30GB HDD camcorders in US in August

Victor Co. of Japan Ltd. (JVC) will start selling its Everio G series palm-size camcorders in the U.S. this August. The camcorders contain hard-disk drives with huge capacity boosts compared to the company's prior models, promising consumers very long recording times, the company said on Wednesday.

Seagate to ship 160GB notebook drive

Seagate will ship 160GB, 2.5-inch drives using perpendicular recording technology next year as part of a big revamp of its products.

Fujitsu to sell 200GB, 2.5-inch hard disks in 2007

Fujitsu Ltd. is planning to sell 2.5-inch hard disk drives with a capacity of 200GB in the first half of 2007, the company said Tuesday.

Wireless USB 1.0 spec to be finalized next month

Version 1.0 of the Wireless USB (Universal Serial Bus) specification, which is being promoted as the successor to the USB data transfer method between electronics devices, should be approved by mid-May, Intel Corp. said last week. The Wireless USB specification is for 480Mbps (bits per second) transfer speed over distances of about three meters and it will work at lower speeds up to a distance of about 10 meters.

Nikon to release new range of digital SLR cameras

Nikon Corp. is planning to release a new range of digital SLR (single lens reflex) cameras, including a model called the D50, the company said Thursday.

Phishing attacks rose in February, says group

The number of phishing attacks grew slightly during February, and there was also increased malicious software use, a group that monitors attempts at online identity theft said on Tuesday.

Top Sony exec hints at Blu-ray, HD-DVD detente

After more than a year of touting Blu-ray as the best technology to replace DVD for storing high-definition video and winning proponents including Apple, a top executive at Sony Corp., one of Blu-ray's major backers, has opened the door to the possibility of unifying the format with its arch rival, HD-DVD.