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Paul Krill is an editor at large at InfoWorld, focusing on coverage of application development (desktop and mobile) and core Web technologies such as HTML5, Java, and Flash.

Adobe acquires Web platform builder

Adobe Systems has acquired Business Catalyst, which provides a platform for Web professionals to build online businesses.

Google's Android gets native development capabilities

Google moved to boost its Android mobile device software platform this week by offering developers a kit that enables them to call native code from Android applications.

Palm anticipates wide availability of SDK for Pre this summer

Palm, which has limited the availability of a software development kit for its Palm Pre device despite the unit being on the market since June 6, now says it has a goal of widespread availabilty of the SDK later this summer.

Firefox 3.5 moves to preview phase

Mozilla is releasing a preview of Firefox 3.5, which will further delay the release of the final version of the browser.

Mozilla looks to enable Web personalization

Mozilla has unveiled an open-source project intended to explore new ways the extend and personalize the Web through Firefox browser add-ons.

Nemo brings iPhone visuals to Java phones

Everypoint's new mobile application platform, Nemo, is intended to give Java-based phones iPhone visual capabilities.

No Java, Flash for iPhone this Christmas

Don't expect a the gift of Flash or Java on your iPhone this holiday season.

Adobe sets Genesis mashup pilot

Adobe Systems in October plans to launch a private pilot program for its "Genesis" mashup technology.

Google touts iPhone, Chrome browser

Even as Google prepares to launch its own mobile computing platform, a company executive heaped praise on Apple’s iPhone Thursday.

JavaScript 2’s new direction

Standardization efforts for the next version of JavaScript have taken a sharp turn this month, with some key changes in the Web scripting technology’s direction, InfoWorld reports.

Mozilla boosts JavaScript performance

Mozilla this week is touting technology to boost performance of its JavaScript engine and Web applications.

Google CEO prefers an independent Yahoo

Google CEO Eric Schmidt touched on the ongoing Yahoo-Microsoft dealings and the Android mobile platform during a Wednesday speech in San Francisco.

Microsoft Silverlight to back Ruby, Python in browser

Microsoft plans to enable the Python and Ruby languages to be used for client-side development of rich Internet applications that leverage the company’s Silverlight browser plug-in technology.

Google shows off Android, downplays iPhone similarity

Google's eye-catching demonstration of an early Android-enabled mobile phone Wednesday appeared to mimic Apple's iPhone.

Sun continues pursuit of Java for iPhone

Sun continues to pursue talks with Apple to have Java applications run on Apple's iPhone while acknowledging a third party's efforts toward the same goal.