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DOJ, EC clear Microsoft-Yahoo search deal

The DOJ and European Commission granted Microsoft and Yahoo an unconditional approval of their plan to work together in the field of Internet search Thursday.

Microsoft cuts time Bing stores some user data to six months

Microsoft will cut the time it stores IP addresses of Web searchers using its Bing search engine from 18 months to six.

European ISPs lash out at secret ACTA negotiations

International trade negotiations intended to clamp down on counterfeiting risk undermining the openness and innovation-friendly nature of the Internet, European ISPs say.

EU Ombudsman faults EC's Intel antitrust ruling

The European Ombudsman accused the European Commission on Thursday of "maladministration" during its antitrust investigation of Intel.

Microsoft, EU reach accord on antitrust

Microsoft appears to have reached an agreement with the EC ending an antitrust battle that has lasted a decade.

Google tries to assuage EU doubters of its US Books deal

Google has made concessions to address European publishers' concerns about its book digitization project.

Microsoft's EU offer gets cautious welcome from rivals

Microsoft's offer to settle its antitrust issues with the European Commission was given a cautious welcome by the company's principal antagonist Friday.

Intel files appeal against European antitrust fine

In its appeal of the European Commission's antitrust ruling, Intel argues that the regulator failed to consider evidence supporting the chip maker's arguments.

EU, US push computers, printers to be greener

PCs and printers in the EU and US will have to become more energy-efficient to gain Energy Star approval, following an EU/US agreement signed Wednesday.

Opera CEO: Microsoft trying to set own antitrust remedy

Microsoft's plan to strip Internet Explorer out of Windows 7 in Europe is designed to force the European Commission's hand as it devises an antitrust remedy, Opera CEO Jon von Tetzchner says.

EC to pursue antitrust case despite Microsoft's IE decision

The European Commission is pushing on with antitrust case against Microsoft despite the software maker's decision to strip IE from Windows 7 in Europe.

Microsoft rivals advise EC on an antitrust remedy

The European Commission will soon hear from Microsoft's rivals on how to craft a remedy to fix the browser market problem.

EC: Is Microsoft pressuring witnesses in antitrust case?

European regulators are asking Microsoft rivals if the company is been pressuring them in connection with the ongoing antitrust case concerning Web browsers.

EU moves step closer to blanket terms for Net music sales

Selling music legally online in Europe got easier Tuesday, when the French royalties-collecting agency SACEM agreed to relinquish handling of royalties.

Intel: Antitrust agencies are testing the limits

Antitrust regulators around the world, led chiefly by the EC, are testing the limits of the law in their pursuit of Intel, a senior company executive said.