Apple, Nokia battle in court

Apple has asked the International Trade Commission to ban imports of Nokia mobile phones, escalating its legal battle with the Finnish phone maker.

FCC on Apple, DOJ on Google -- the Feds tackle tech

The federal government seems to be taking more of an interest in tech issues recently, PC World's Paul Suarez observes.

Report: Google Voice can sneak onto iPhone

Despite recent drama, Google Voice will soon be available for iPhone as a Web-based app. Or so says The New York Times.

Hollywood hates Redbox's $1 DVD rentals

20th Century Fox became the latest movie studio to take on Redbox, the self-serve DVD rental kiosks you see at grocery stores and other locations.

Apple, Cartier resolve legal tussle over iPhone app

Cartier withdrew its lawsuit against Apple, after the company removed two apps from the App Store that Cartier alleged infringed on its trademark.