Infinity Blade II for iOS confirmed for December 1

Epic and Chair have confirmed that the follow-up to Infinity Blade is set to ship on December 1.

Game developer Anuman reveals XIII: Lost Identity for Mac, iOS

The return of Belgian amnesiac secret agent XIII looks markedly different from its shooter predecessor.

Elite Collection announces retro iOS game compilation

Retro enthusiasts will have another means to play their favorite 8-bit computer titles in late October thanks to the Elite Collection iOS apps.

Apple's latest mobile releases should appeal to game makers

Today's release of the iPhone 4S coupled with new functionality in iOS 5 is making game developers sit up and take notice.

Diablo III pushed back to early 2012

Blizzard has announced that the expected launch window for Diablo III is now early 2012, following an extended beta test.

Classic platformer Another World arrives for iOS

Eric Chahi's brutally difficult and immensely stylish cinematic platformer from 1991 has just hit the App Store for iOS devices.

Batman: Arkham Asylum coming to Mac on Oct. 13

Veteran Mac development and conversion specialists Feral Interactive will bring Batman: Arkham Asylum to OS X.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution coming to Mac this winter

Mac users will be able to join the PC, 360 and PS3 owners already playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution, as veteran Mac publisher Feral Interactive brings the game to the OS X platform.

Riot pulls the plug on League of Legends for Mac

Riot has decided to put the Mac client for its popular free to play DotA-like League of Legends on hold indefinitely.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior Coming to iOS

The successful -- if not exactly critically acclaimed -- snipe 'em up series is headed to Apple's portable devices next year.

Permadeath iPhone game getting two sequels

Controversial "permadeath" game One Single Life for iOS devices has two sequels on the way this month.