$5000 game-making software now free

Following the freemium lead of many game makers, Caspian software is making its game development software free. The software previously cost $5000

iOS Spectrum Collection goes freemium

Elite Systems is making the iPhone version of its collection of Spectrum games free for one week, starting Thursday.

Deathsmiles Coming to iPhone on July 7

Previously available only in Japanese arcades and as an increasingly difficult to find Xbox 360 version, the gothic horror shooter game from Cave arrives in the App Store next week.

judge's gavel legal

Supreme Court strikes down violent video game law

The Supreme Court ruled that a California law that bans the sale of "violent" games to children is unconstitutional.

Tiny Tower offers freemium fun on iOS devices

iPhone developer Nimblebit has come up with the latest simple-but-fun game to occupy your alone-time with your phone. It's called Tiny Tower, and you can play it for free.

Tales of Monkey Island series now on iPad

Telltale's Tales of Monkey Island is finally available for the iPad. Its first episode is available for free for the next month.