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Dropbox iPhone app ‘almost here’

Dropbox is almost ready to introduce an iPhone app that will let you look at the contents of your dropbox, make changes, download files to your iPhone, and sync iPhone photos.

Thurly Safari plug-in shortens URLs, makes tweeting them easier

Thurly, a Safari plug-in, makes it easier and faster to shorten URLs and post them to Twitter.

Logitech speakers offer ‘360-degree’ sound

Logitech is offering four new "360-Degree Sound" speakers, with front and rear firing speaker drivers.

Primera offers Mac SDK for disc burning printers

Primera is offering Mac developers the tools they need to support Primera's line of Bravo disc printers in their own applications.

App Store counts 1.5 billion downloads in first year

The App Store has counted 1.5 billion downloads in its first year of operation, according to Apple.

Worms strategy game slithers onto iPhone

Worms -- the classic turn-based artillery strategy game featuring cartoon worms -- has been released for iPhone.

Nvidia recommends updating GeForce FX 4800, GTX 285 Mac drivers

Nvidia has recommended that users of the EVGA GeForce GTX 285 and GeForce FX 4800 graphics cards for Mac Pro update to the latest version of graphics drivers for the cards before trying to install the as-yet unreleased Mac OS X 10.5.8.

TwitVid video upload app released for iPhone 3GS has released an iPhone app to let 3GS users upload videos to Twitter.

Microsoft releases Silverlight 3

Silverlight 3 is Microsoft's newest version of their Adobe Flash competitor.

Are Schmidt's days numbered on Apple's board?

Google CEO Eric Schmidt said he'll talk with Apple about his position on its board of directors, following Google's announcement that it's getting into the operating system business.

Plugin Galaxy 2 includes 160+ Photoshop effects

The new version of Plugin Galaxy sports dramatically improved performance and many new features.

Avernum 6 'old school' RPG announced

Avernum 6, the final chapter in Spiderweb's adventure role playing game series, is coming this winter.

Postman iPhone "postcard" maker improves interface, themes

Postman 2.0 sports improved user interface and new themes, according to the developer.

LaCie intros Rugged HD multimedia drive

Rugged HD is LaCie's latest portable multimedia hard drive, equipped with an HDMI interface.

Topaz Photoshop plug-ins work with Aperture via free plug-in

Topaz Labs has released a free Aperture plug-in that supports their Photoshop plug-ins